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Colleges In Australia For International Students

Darlene Said:

Are Foundation courses compulsory for chinese international students?

We Answered:

foundation course is something u have to take if u :

1) have done only O-Levels

2) OR have done a levels but having bad results.

otherwise u can go to directly 1st year without goin thru foundation course ..but u gotto do IELTS ..

SAT is scholastic aptitude test ..

Jeanne Said:

Australian College for International Relations?

We Answered:

The Australian National University, University of Sydney, and University of Technology, Sydney, are all pretty good for international relations.

ANU is internationally renowned, especially for its research. It is also well-regarded in its 'international' programs, including international law, international relations etc. Its science department is also well regarded.

USyd and UTS call it International and Global Studies. These degrees get even more popular each year. UTS is particularly popular because it requires or strongly recommends (can't remember) students to go on a 1 or 2 semester exchange year.

Also, what do you want to specialise in? If you want to specialise in Asia, or take Asia-related courses, ANU and UNSW are pretty good. If you'd like to take European/Middle East courses, ANU, USyd and UTS are all decent.

You should probably check on the respective websites of these universities to see if you like them or not.

Lee Said:

British resident looking for CHEAP international study in Australia...?

We Answered:

Hi! It really depends if you want to actually learn something or just need a visa.

The cheapest place to study is bridge business college, but it is very basic in what you learn, it is really just for the visa. It costs $1250 a term.

I hope this helps :)

Misty Said:

How hard is it to get into an Ivy League College? (I'm a Year 12 student from Australia)

We Answered:

There are eight Ivy league universities and they range from quite small to small. All of them together enroll much less than 20,000 freshmen each year, while in the whole USA more than 2,000,000 freshmen start university... so they are only a small part of the US college system. Because they are so famous they get many thousands of applications for admission from the best students in the USA - Harvard, for instance, gets well over 20,000 applications including over 3000 applications from students ranked #1 in their high school. But only about 1200 will become Freshmen at Harvard. So, that's a pretty difficulty competition. American students are eligible for a lot of different scholarships, but in general international students have to pay the price of tuition and fees. At the Ivy League schools this year, that would be about $50,000 USD per year, plus the cost of living in the USA during the time when school is not in session.

Besides the Ivy League there are about 10 or so other elite private universities in the USA. Most commonly mentioned in rankings lists are Stanford, Duke, University of Chicago, and a few others, plus of course the great technical universities such as MIT and Caltech. But, the vast majority of American students do not attend these schools. THey are only for the very best students.

Duane Said:

What is the % of international students (I'm from Australia) who get into Harvard college (undergraduates)?

We Answered:

I don't have the information you seek - but I believe you can get it all if you go to the Havard Admissions website… and contact them yourself.

Good Luck!!!

Naomi Said:

Financial Assistance for International Students in Canada, the UK and Australia?

We Answered:


if you want financial assistance, get it from YOUR OWN government!!!!!

dont come here and ask for our tax money!!!

i hope to god our government doesnt provide financial assistance to international students!!!!

Alex Said:

Are there any seven year Medicine programs in Australia or West Indies open for international students?

We Answered:


There are only 42 (soon to be 43) universities in Australia, all of them are fully accredited and tightly regulated, therefore the quality and recognition of their graduates are equal from wherever university you are studying from.

The Australian uni's offering medical are as follows (no particular orders):
Bond Uni (
Griffith Uni (
Uni of Adelaide (
James Cook (
Uni of Melbourne (
Monash (
Murdoch Uni (
Uni of Sydney (
Uni of Western Aus (
Uni of Notre Dame (
Uni of Tasmania (
Uni of Western Sydney (
Uni of Wollongong (
Uni of QLD (

Tuition fee & requirements will be available in those websites. Please make sure that the information you accessing are the ones for international students, not for local students, as there are some difference in regards to tuition fees. Once decided on the uni, fill in the application form and send it together with certified copy of your academic qualification (in English and original language). The process will take abt 2-3weeks, depending on the time of the year.

Hope this helps. Good luck for your study :)

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