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Colleges In England For International Students

Theodore Said:

Being an international college student - US to England?

We Answered:

The dollar is extremely weak at the moment. When I was last over home I changed 400 dollars into pounds and got 180 pounds. And since I have been back it's got a lot worse. So in dollars it's going to cost you a fortune. The English go to college at are you going to be going when you are 16? Or are you talking about University? Id choose the best option if I was you..

Ivan Said:

colleges and universities for international students in ny

We Answered:

The top is Columbia nd then NYU. They are VERY expensive, however, about $160,000 for the 2 year MBA program. In money is an issue look at Baruch--he wn't have the same opportunities from there but it's solid.

Felix Said:

Admission to US college for international student?

We Answered:

they look at gpa means your grades and test scores and a ok school
takes about a 3.0 b to get in the ivy leagues you probably need a 4.0

Loretta Said:

how can an american student attend college in england?

We Answered:

There is no 'special process' as such in regards to actually applying to a college/university in the United Kingdom.

Firstly you need to decide what it is that you wish you study and then find a University which suits and meets your needs. There are plenty of ways to find which University is right for you, it could be based on the schools academic record, financial costs or maybe even via location, perhaps there is a certain city you want to live in or near.

It is not harder for international students to get in, although preference goes to U.K. citizens first. You will however need to take the SAT/ACT - the scores you need will depend on which university you are applying for.

Just remember that each University as different prices for their tuition and the further south you go, the higher the cost of living is. You should budget for £7,000 - £10,000 just for living cost alone (accommodation, books, food transportation, medical insurance and other expenses). Tuition costs will be extra on top of this.

If you have been accepted to a university you will then need to apply for a student visa, this is done at the British embassy in the United States.

Below I am going to provide you with a few links that will you give you some very useful information.

Jesse Said:

Typical cost of credit per hour in a community college in England?

We Answered:

We don't have community college.

Are you moving as a student? Or is it a permenant move?

International students pay about £10000 per year (can be double for medicine) for full time courses, you can ony get a student visa if you are accepted onto a uni course.

If you are moving permenantly (eg if your family are emigrating and you come with them) you will be entitled to free school/college until you are 19.

Depending on your visa you might get free tuition until you are 25 to get a level 3 qualification - that's A Levels or equivelant, a qualification that will get you into uni.

Once you have been 'ordinarily resident' for three years if you have a permenant visa eg as an imigrant you will pay the same fees as a UK student, about £3100 a year.

Cassandra Said:

Are there any good colleges in England for medicine?

We Answered:

Yes but they are incredibly hard to get into. There are far fewer places than applicants.

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