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Colleges In Germany For International Students

Everett Said:

How to apply to colleges in Germany?

We Answered:

I think that medical school works different in Germany (in Europe in general). As far as I've heard, people there finish high school and go straight to medical school for six years instead of four years of undergrad and four years of medical school. But I think they might have regular colleges, and there might be an American University in Germany.

Erika Said:

How can I study at a German university?

We Answered:

Yes, you will need the "Abitur" to study at a German university. A high school degree does not equal "Abitur", and you will need to check with each and every school you want to apply to for the specific requirements they would ask of you. Generally you will need to have taken some college classes. Note that if you have the German "Abitur", many colleges/universities in the US would directly put you in third year in college.
The whole "prestigious" thing with Universities is not like it is in the US. There are a couple of very renown schools, mostly the oldest in Germany, like Heidelberg, München, Marburg, Berlin, but each of those schools is really just known for one thing to be very good, like Heidelberg is for Medicine, for instance.
If you want to study in Germany, you should really study in German, and not at an international school, which have kind of a not-so-good reputation, since "they let everyone on there", as one of my teachers puts it. Mostly international schools in Germany are privately run, which only adds to the negative impression with most people.
There are "international" classes/courses at many Universities, but... most of them are Masters-classes and those which aren't mostly don't go through with the English language all the way to the end.

International students wanting to study in Germany first have to have an equal level of education to the German applicants. Than you will be required to have a certain score in a "German as a foreign language" test, and if you don't, you will have to attend language classes for either six months or a year, after which you can repeat the test. You will not be able to study what you wanted to study during that time.
Money-wise I don't know what you would have to look at, but I do know that international students do have to pay more money than German students. Even in the countries where there is currently no tuition fee, international students have to pay. On a students visa, you will not be able to work/ earn more than a specific (very little) amount of money throughout the year. You will have to provide info on your funds to the "Ausländerbehörde", who will decide on your visa and so on.
The way it sounds in your question, you are at the very beginning of planning this, so I would advise you to check the webpage of the German embassy for information and go on from there.
Good Luck.

Sheila Said:

I'm looking for a college in Germany which teaches international business in English. Does anyone have info?

We Answered:

Schiller International in Heidelberg.

Alexander Said:

Im going to study in Germany. Im in desperate need of scholarship money or grants (loans too) PLEASE help.?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Max Said:

Can someone give an international student some college advice? (Emerson College, financial aid, SAT scores..)?

We Answered:

You have nice qualifications except for your SAT score. However, you need to be aware that the US government generally does not give financial help to international students. Many universities love to have them as they have the pay the full tuition. You need to apply to Emerson then get a student visa and bring plenty of money.
As far as what to study, you need to consider what country you will be residing in and what is a good major for that country. Good luck!

Brittany Said:

What are the best colleges/universities for computer science in Germany?

We Answered:

Some information is below.

Ronnie Said:

What do I do for college Financial Aid if I have an International Parent?

We Answered:

How or where your parents live has nothing to do with you being labeled "International".

To fill out the FAFSA, if your parents are still presenting themselves as a married couple and your mother earns an income in Germany you have to convert her income to US Dollars and answer the appropriate questions. If your mother is in Germany because your parents are separated, you do not need her information.

For your father-if he is not filing taxes but is required by the IRS to file, sorry, you cannot apply for aid. If he is not filing because he is not required to by the IRS, report his income on the FAFSA where appropriate.

Where your parents lives has no effect on your aid.

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