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Colleges In Ireland For International Students

Mary Said:

Is it possible for international students to do a 2 year community course and transfer to a university?

We Answered:

Yes absolutely you can! I went to community college and had a friend from Albania, she'd come to America to study at a community college while living with her uncle and she'd hoped to transfer to Amherst. We had lots of international students. They will take into account grades from your countries equivalent of high school, and if applicable they may ask for TOEFL scores. Good luck!

Phillip Said:

Can an American take out a student loan in Ireland?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Brad Said:

Which Colleges Have high acceptance rates in Ireland/Sweden?

We Answered:

google search Ireland universities, and Sweden universities as well. Sometimes those universities don't require SAT scores and stuff, and require a different type of test.

Clarence Said:

How would it work, if i want to go to college in America, but then move to Ireland and work?

We Answered:

The above answerer has no IDEA what they are talking about. First of all, Ireland is not in Great Britain (duh). Second, salaries in Ireland and actually great in medicine and teaching, you just have to make sure you go over there legally. The very good news is that they REALLY need medical professionals (mainly because all of the recent immigration from Eastern Europe), so you're in excellent shape there.

Here is a copy of an email that was sent to me by someone at the fas (the government agency that controls career development in Ireland):
"I would recommend that you log onto and access the Jobs Ireland section which has a facility which allows Jobseekers to upload their CV's. You will also be able to review the range of job opportunities available through FAS. Other useful careers websites are, and The Irish Times, Irish Examiner and Irish Independent newspapers, each produce a weekly supplement on Job Opportunities - their respective website addresses are; and

As you are probably aware US citizens require a work permit to work in Ireland, full details in relation to this area are available on under the work permits section, and I would also recommend that you access information on living and working in Ireland under the consular services section on"

Because you're looking into pediatric nursing, all requirements and other info can be found at

Good luck!

Brittany Said:

When do you get your acceptance letters in Ireland for COLLEGE?

We Answered:

The offers for college places are made in August in the Republic of Ireland towards the end of the month after the Leaving Cert results have been released.

Applications to the CAO must be made by 1st February 2009, the latest date to make an application is 5 March 2009. All applications are centralised & as I've said before the offers of college places aren't made until August after the Leaving Cert results come out.

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google search Ireland universities, and Sweden universities as well. Sometimes those universities don't require SAT scores and stuff, and require a different type of test.