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Colleges In London For International Students

Jesse Said:

does anyone know of a school in the london area thats good for international students thanks!?

We Answered:

UCL is one of the best universities in London, is in an amazing location, and it definitely has an awesome social life. (Trust me on this one.) It is rather competitive for admission, though.

If you're into art, design, film or graphic design definitely look into one of the schools under the University of Arts London umbrella (there are several schools that are a part of the uni.)

You might want to look into Richmond, an American college in a London suburb. Royal Holloway has the most stunning campus, but it's a bit outside of the city. It's a very good school, and I don't think it's as competitive for admission.

Kings College
London School of Economics (super competitive, though)
Imperial College
University of Westminster

I know the Florida State University has a branch campus smack in the heart of London - right next to the British Museum - and you can go there for your 1st two years of college and get an AA. This might be a good bet for you because you'd just be paying out-of-state tuition rather than international tuition (5 times as much as what a home student pays). You could then transfer to another uni in London or come back to the States if you're ready.

I'm actually from LA, but my mom lives in LDN now & I spend summers here & I love it. There's quite a large crew from Cali over here, actually. : )

Jackie Said:

Do SATS apply for International students in the UK???

We Answered:

The reason why they asked you for your SAT scores is because universities in the UK know that most students from US take the SAT. They are trying to evaluate all your academic scores. If you have taken the SAT and have gotten a good or even an average score then I suggest you submit them(preferably 1800 and above).
However if you did badly or have not given the SAT then simply tell them you did not appear for the SAT since you were considering studying abroad and not in the US.
SAT is not an admission requirement for universities in the UK. It is because you are from US and universities in UK know that most students give the SAT they asked for your score to get a understanding of your academic potential. ( I know many students from India who apply to the UK, none of them are asked to take the SAT, the SAT is only required by colleges in US its not an international requirement and I dont think you will need to give IELTS also)

Tommy Said:

Is it hard to get in to the foundation of King's college university of london as an international student?

We Answered:

I think you are better suited retrieving and asking for information from the university itself.

Pearl Said:

nursing in london for international students?

We Answered:

yes, they have one in cmbridge but dont expect a scholarship. its not like the u.s here where u can get a full scholarship

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