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Colleges In New Zealand For International Students

Lillie Said:

What all scholarships are available for international student?ts in new zealand?

We Answered:

Most of the Universities in New Zealand will have very similar fees. But, as someone from India, you could explore applying for a New Zealand International Undergraduate Fees Scholarship - there are only 28 each year, and not just Indians can apply, so it is likely to be quite competitive. You'll find information in the first two links below - and you can find links to New Zealand Universities on the New Zealand Educated site as well.

Caroline Said:

College Help! International financial aid?

We Answered:

UCLA is a very difficult college to get into as are many of the colleges funded by a state. Your best bet is to apply to a private college like USC (University of Southern California). You will have to pay your own way as you do not give any fantastically outstanding qualifications that would help you get any type of financial aid. There is no limit on how many scholarships you can get, but they it is difficult to get them. The tuition at USC is about $40,000 per year plus living expenses. Once you are accepted you can get apply for a student visa. You are not allowed to work if you have a student visa.
If you can get someone to co sign for you, that is great. However, co signing is a big responsibility because once you co sign you are responsible for the debt. Generally the only people who will co sign are parents.

Christine Said:

Need opinions from New Zealand about a new business!?

We Answered:

It would be the store we have been waiting for all our lives. I know IKEA well from living in the US, Canada and the UK, and I can tell you it would be exactly the kind of thing the people of New Zealand would like. Swedish design and mentality are extremely similar to those of NZ, it would be an instant match. There is talk of an IKEA opening in Auckland. I understand that it's logistics and the price of getting stuff transported elsewhere in NZ that has been preventing further outlets so far, but I could see Christchurch being a likely contender for a second one some time in the future.
The idea of cheap, beautiful things sits well with Kiwi mentality (we're a thrifty bunch, but like to play), and this place is a desert when it comes to finding consumer goods that manage to look good, last long, and can be afforded. You can get good, you can get sturdy, and you can get cheap, but all three together, that would be new.
Pleeease, bring them on!

Matthew Said:

cheapest place to live in new zealand?

We Answered:

Chetak is correct; Dunedin. But the Southern Institute of Technology in Invercargill has a zero fees scheme, unlike the University of Otago in Dunedin, and Invercargill is even cheaper to live in than Dunedin. S.I.T. offers some degree courses so check them out. Southland, where Invercargill is located, is the cheapest region to live in in NZ.

Teresa Said:

Should we offer specialised science classes for ESL or overseas (international) students in high schools?

We Answered:

You write the question as if you are doing this for an essay or thesis. Quite a good question & controversial.

Your arguments are also good. For example, if someone from outside your country moves there, shouldn't they realise that they will have to learn at school the same as any local student? In many cases, we are obliged to provide ESL courses to bring the student up to speed in English, but surely they should learn the other subjects as they go?

The difficulty comes when you ask 'what are the grades for in the subject?' If the grade is for the understanding & knowledge in the subject & how to put that to use, then you may be limiting the grade to their language ability not their subject ability....

However, it's also about where you wish to draw the lines. If the courses are paid for by the taxpayer, then do you wish your tax money to be spent on minority issues in a disproportionate amount? If the school runs the courses funded solely by the incoming students, then the question is a business question, & it will happen if there is a market for it!

You can also turn the question around & ask: if we were going to live in another non-english speaking country, what would we want to happen for us... are we hypocritical?

As you ask the question & i'm for local traditions, I will have to say, if it's tax paid courses, I'm ok with courses to bring people up on the language barrier, but at the moment I have not been persuaded to go for other specialised courses - convince me if you wish someone, I'm always open minded!

have fun, good luck

Harry Said:

Moving to New Zealand from the US, question about college?

We Answered:

You would need a "temporary study permit/visa" to attend college here in New Zealand

or other wise apply for a "Permanent Residents Visa" I'm not too sure what the conditions are (have a job, or a job offer etc...), but you can find out more about this at your international immigration office or on the internet.

You first have to spend a few years (im not sure if its still 10 years, this may have changed) in New Zealand as a Permanent Resident before becoming a New Zealand Citizen.

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