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Colleges In Singapore For International Student

Sarah Said:

what do ivy league colleges look for in international students?

We Answered:

The same thing as they do in local ones - near perfect grades, killer aptitude tests and stand out extra circulars.

In practical terns the following may be helpful:…


Velma Said:

if i gratuated high school in usa do i have to take Toefl test?

We Answered:

If english is not your native language and you plan on studying at a college/university that teaches in english, they usually make you take the TOEFL.

Francisco Said:

Best electronic engineering colleges in Singapore and Malaysia??!!?

We Answered:

visit the following link…

Pedro Said:

Are people generally racist in colleges/universities towards foreign students?

We Answered:

I'm Singaporean Chinese too, and studied in the West Coast before. I didn't encounter any racism, and my school was very welcoming of international students. It depends on the city though. If the city/town you're going to is a college town, or has many immigrants, it will be more open to international students. The town I went to was overwhelmingly white BUT because of a high number of international students and liberal attitudes, it was very welcoming. However, there are people who have no idea where Singapore is, and who kept saying my English is very good. It's more of a product of ignorance rather than racism. Don't worry, people are generally friendly if you're friendly too~

Javier Said:

will the chances of admission for an international student be affected if applying for financial aid?

We Answered:

Yeah, the other answer is can't get financial aid because you're not an American and do not pay taxes to support the school. Now, there is a possibly of getting an academic scholarship, but that is very difficult because most of those are for American students too. So, no, financial aid will not matter to the admissions committee because they will just disregard that portion of your application. You need to look for alternative forms of loans or pay for it out of your own pocket, which is what most foreign students do. Also, if you get a loan it is probably going to have to be from your home country. Most American banks will be reluctant to give a loan to a foreign student, unless they are Canadian, etc. good luck

Carrie Said:

US Ivy League Colleges Question?

We Answered:

Ivy leagues generally accept a greater percentage of international students than any other colleges in the country. Your best bet is to really sell yourself (make sure you get great grades and do lots of activities, take the SATs/ACTs/SATIIs if possible in Singapore), and then also apply to some schools in another country, like the UK. You don't need to go to America to get a good education. I'm an American and I'm applying to 3 schools here and 3 schools in Great Britain.

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