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Colleges In Spain For International Students

Robert Said:

need some help on studying abroad or studying in europe...i live in florida?

We Answered:

Why dont u come to india, here the education is cheap and of High Standard, u can study in Indian business School or
IIIT ,HITECH CITY,Hyd where MICROSOFT asian development centre is located.

Sherri Said:

What does a student from Spain have to do to go to college in the US?

We Answered:

Well filmmaking is a type of industry where you have loads of people have degrees in it and hardly any of them can get jobs. For studying it you want to be in California, where the industry thrives. You will have to get your passport before applying, and every school may have slightly different admissions qualifications, so you will have to find a school that you want to attend first. You may be able to get a scholarship, but the main bulk of your aid will have to be in loans.

Rene Said:

Best language for an International Affairs major to learn?

We Answered:

Considering the locations where can study, I would suggest learning Chinese and Spanish. If you could learn French as well, that would be great. You will make yourself more marketable for employment if you are competent in more than one foreign language.

China is regarded by many as a "super-power" and Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. French is a language for international diplomacy and business, but because you listed more countries where the citizens speak Spanish (and have some prior experience in Spanish), I would suggest continuing your studies in that particular language first.

There is no need to waste knowledge that you already have. Spanish is still a major world language (as are Chinese and French).

Danielle Said:

Getting a student visa for Spain when I am a NY legal resident?

We Answered:

Since you hold a Gren Card you should not have any problem to re-enter the United States after a semester abroad. Should you plan to stay abroad for longer than a year you would need to apply for a re-entry permit through USCIS prior to travel.… ..
To study in Spain, regardless of the length of your studies, you will need to hold a Peruvian passport which is valid for at least 3 months beyond your stay in Spain and you will need to get a visa for Spain. It needs to be applied for at the Consulate General which covers your U.S: state of residence.… ..
For to study for up to 90 days you will need a short stay visa. A long-stay visa is required for longer studies in Spain. SInce student visa applications are forwarded to the authorities in Spain for decision you should apply early in advance. Just read the general information of the Spanish Consulate General in New York.… ..

Antonio Said:


We Answered:

Argentina! I think Argentina because well my father is from there so I have a very strong connection to the country but besides is an amazing place to live. Tons of things going on in the capital. You would be able to pick up the language quickly by being immerged right into it. Although I am sure you know Spanish since you were in Chile for 6 months. There is great night life, great food, great people with great accents and if you live in the Capital there are so many people there you could make many great business connections.
I think Spain would be great as well but I am partial to Argentina. I lived there for 4.5 months in college and I could've stayed a lifetime. Buena suerte y cuidate.

Ashley Said:

How is Foreign Racism?

We Answered:

In France they push muslims around with bulldozers.

In England they execute latinos then say "Sorry, we thought he was an Arab," like that makes it better.

In Argentina; well did you know that Germans went down there by the thousands during the war to start the Fourth Reich?

Canada thinks they're cool but they really hate Jamaicans. And they say things like "Toronto needs an ethnic cleansing."

Yes I am exaggerating. Mostly....

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