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Colleges In Sweden For International Students

Joshua Said:

International Scholarships?

We Answered:

Lafango is currently hosting two international scholarship contests

Hope this helps!

Scott Said:

I want to go to College in California. Any chance of me getting there?

We Answered:

You CAN go to college in California if you want to, and if you have the money to. But since it's so much cheaper to go in Canada, you might want to go to school in Vancouver. Otherwise, there are plenty of good schools in California. I went to Berkeley, and I have to disagree with your counselor--if you can get in there for engineering, then that's where you go because it's a great school and the benefits outweigh the costs. But if money is a consideration, then think of one of the California State University schools, like Cal State Hayward or Cal State San Luis Obispo. They're cheaper. Not as good, though.

Susan Said:

Are these good drama schools and what are my chances of being admitted?

We Answered:

It sounds like you have done everything possible to further your training, which is fantastic. If you want the absolute best theatrical training, it has to be NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. If a casting director sees that degree on your resume, they will know straightaway that you know what you're doing, which helps you stand out in the best way. The number of famous people who've gone there is almost embarrassing:…

Yale's drama dept. is also top-notch, and of course, the legendary Julliard.
All of these are on the east coast, of course, but well worth whatever inconvenience that may cause. I went to UCLA, which is strong in pretty much every dept., as is USC, and Occidental is good - in fact the only ones I'd take off the list are Cal Lutheran, FSU and Regent.

Audition for/apply to as many as practical, and I bet you'll be very happy with the results.

Good luck!!

Leo Said:

Is a student loan from a foreign country tax deductible?

We Answered:

The loan was never deductible. The interest is.

Keep proof of the interest payments so you can send them in when the IRS asks to see them.

Jon Said:

Applying for medical school in the US?

We Answered:

Some medical schools in the US do not require a Bachelor's degree, just the pre-medical classes. However, most applicants do have a Bachelor's degree.

You will have to check the requirements for each school you apply to as they will vary amongst schools. In general you would need the pre-medical classes which are(in general, not school specific):

•General Chemistry
•Organic Chemistry
•[Biochemistry] Some schools don't require this, but recommend that you take it.

You will then need to take the MCAT(Medical College Admissions Test) and apply to medical schools via AMCAS(American Medical College Application Service). They may require experience in the field via shadowing, volunteering, research, etc.

This is a general idea, the requirements for international students may vary so you need to check with schools directly via their websites, or direct contact.

Here are some helpful websites:…………

Felicia Said:

Questions about an American enrolling in a University in The Netherlands?

We Answered:

You ask quite a lot, I will try to help but this is not more than a start.

Foreign students from non EU countries who wish to follow education or postdoctoral programmes in the Netherlands need different visas to enter the country: (I am not an expert here, try to look it up on… )
* a short-stay visa (VKV) - in case of up 3 months stay, issued by The Dutch embassy.
* an authorization for temporary stay (MVV) - in case of a more 3 months stay, issued by The Dutch embassy.
* a residence permit ( VTV), issued by at the Alien Registration Office in the Netherlands after one's arrival in the country. More…

Holland has two main types of higher education institutions: universities and universities of applied sciences. Universities focus on the independent practice of research-oriented work in an academic or professional setting. Universities of applied sciences are more practically oriented, preparing students directly for specific careers.
Coming to Holland one can get the following degrees at a Dutch University:

* Bachelor and Master degree and at universities of applied sciences (HBO, higher education);
* Bachelor or Master degree at research universities (Universiteit)
* PhD degree at research universities or at special international post-universities institutions (Universiteit)

The study year at a Dutch university costs between 12,000 - 30,000 euro depending on the level of the programme. Due to the foreign students flow increasing some universities in Holland developed the preparatory course for students coming from other countries in order to smoothen enrollment to the base programmes.

In general the Dutch universities for research science are good On the Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranking top 100 list (version 2009) there are two dutch universities: those of Utrecht and Leiden. The list named Times Higher Education world university rankings shows Amsterdam (UvA), Leiden, Utrecht and Delft.

Now about the requirements of the universities. Before being accepted to a study programme as a foreign student, you must meet the admission criteria of your chosen higher education institution. When you come to Holland to study, your institution may want to have your diploma compared to the Dutch system to see if you meet all the admission requirements. Sometimes you are not yet eligible to the programme of your choice. However, with a preparatory course you could become eligible.

The Dutch higher education institution of your choice can provide you with a conditional letter of acceptance. Dutch immigration law then allows you to come to the Netherlands for one year prior to your studies in order to prepare yourself and pass the examinations set by the institutions. After you have passed the examinations, the conditional letter of acceptance will be turned into a definite letter of acceptance. See the Nuffic:…

This Nuffic checklist might help you…

Don Said:

Why can illegal aliens go to college and receive government subsidized tuition (in state)?

We Answered:

So I guess you would prefer they be unable to get an education at all as most "illegals" come from low-income homes that would not be able to afford international student tuition. I mean, it must be better to allow them no education at all because it was their parents' decision and not theirs to enter the USA through illegal means because the legal means are often impossible for them to accomplish. It's so much better to just keep people poor, ignorant, and at a lower citizenship than the rest. Rather than give them an education so they can reach levels they would never, ever be able to obtain by themselves it is clearly wiser to just say, "Sorry, but we don't want 'your kind' here."

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