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Colleges In Uk For International Students

Ronnie Said:

Can foreign / international students in the UK claim for costs of living funding?

We Answered:

As an EU student he should get the same treatment as a UK student. I do not believe British students get cost of living funding for these types of courses.

Eddie Said:

Options for international students after studying in the UK?

We Answered:

if she wants to continue her stay she has to study again or enter a teacher training college. then she stand a chance
if not she has to go back.
she can easily check with immigration and they will tell her the options.
do it fast as immigration takes a long time to process extension. ask college for connexion with univ

Theresa Said:

I want to come and finish my education in the Uk as an international student?

We Answered:

You don't give us essential information like your nationality. I am presuming from your question that you are neither American nor British.

Your American overstay will not affect your ability to get a student visa in the UK, they are two entirely separate countries and each handles their own immigration decisions.

However, I do not see you getting credit for your years of US study as the systems are so very different. Moreover, you are too late to apply for Autumn 2010 admission.

The sensible thing would be to ask your college to help switch you to an F-1 visa and to graduate where you are. You will need a lawyer for this as your case is not straightforward.

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