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Community College Usa

Jay Said:

Will I get F1 visa for a community college in USA?

We Answered:

Granting a Visa is the decision of US immigration. It depends on many factors such as where you are from, and what is going on politically. Generally, if you have an I-20 you will be able to get a Visa to enter, but not always. If you already have an I-20, that is all you need to study in the US. You will need the visa to enter the country. Once you have entered, you should be able to transfer your I-20 to other institutions.

David Said:

can a High School junior from outside USA apply to community college?

We Answered:

You can go to a community college or any university as long as you have a student visa. As for dual credit, I don't think that's possible.

Angel Said:

Can you recommend me a cheap college in USA where i can transfer my credits from Community College ?

We Answered:

I'm not an expert, but having no answers sucks, so I'll give it my best shot.

State schools are generally much less expensive than private schools. Also, if you can qualify for in-state tuition, that's a great way to go as well.

I wouldn't worry too much about transferring credits as you'll be able to do that at most places. In your immediate area (i.e. staying in St. Louis) I believe that SLU is pretty inexpensive. I'll bet there's a University of Missouri-St. Louis as well. Branching out a bit, Illinois is a much better school, but that's starting to get a little pricey.

Catherine Said:

where can I find a community public college in the USA costing $1,000 tuition for foreign students?

We Answered:

Check and helps you with scholarships too, catering to your story - you might even go to college for free.

My mother came from overseas and wanted to go to school to be accredited and by simply applying for the FAFSA she goes to school now for free at a community college.

Henry Said:

what is the UK equivalent to an USA community college ?

We Answered:

It is not, no. An "undergraduate course" at a UK uni is a bachelors degree. There really is no UK equivalent to a US cc.

However, some UK unis do offer things like "undergraduate diplomas", which are less than a full degree; and that is vaguely like a US associates. Likewise, if your problem is that you can't get right into a UK degree program right now, you could do a foundation year at a UK uni, and if you do well in it, you'd get right into the degree program - so if that's the issue, then there is a way around it.

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