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Community Colleges In Canada For International Students

Sheila Said:

Employment Agencies for Foreign worker in CANADA? HELP ME?

We Answered:

You are going to have difficulty. You are not "highly skilled" with only a bachelor's degree. You have already been denied a work visa and that is on your records. With one strike against you, it just makes it tougher to get a visa application through.

The biggest problem is unemployment in Canada. Jobs are scarce. There are plenty of employment agencies which claim to get jobs in Canada for foreign workers. Check google or the Toronto yellow pages in the phone book. They make a lot of money off of people like you. But they cannot create jobs where there are none.

There is a high probability that you have to leave Canada and return to your own country. The job market stinks and foreign workers are simply not needed.

Beth Said:

What is the minimum score in order to admit to community college?

We Answered:

Each community college has different requirements for admittance into their school. Many only require that you have graduated in good standings from your high school. As to where you should go for your all depends on what you want to major in. Each school has a different reputation for certain majors. For example: Northeast Alabama Community College is known for their nursing program while Savannah Technical College in Savannah GA is more well known for their automotive and computer programs. I suggest you go out on the internet and do some major research before you make any desicions. Try googling community colleges in the united states or community colleges in whatever state you might be interested in living in. Good luck!

Julia Said:

what is the most affordable community college for international student in CANADA ?

We Answered:

Approximate community college fees
for international students

Manitoba $8,000

Nova Scotia $7,500

Newfoundland $6,600

Prince Edward Island $6,500

New Brunswick $5,500…

Larry Said:

can any international student directly get an admission to a community college in usa/canada..em fm pakistan?

We Answered:

I'm not sure about Canada....
As to the USA:
You can apply directly to colleges and universities. What you need to prove is academic excellence, and enough funds to cover your school fees as well as living expenses.
If you meet the requirements for admission, you will be given an i-20, which is basically proof of admission to a school. You would need an i-20 to apply at an American Embassy for a Student visa. Their are different requirements to get a student visa, depending on your nationality. I suggest you visit the American Embassies website in your home country.

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It was perhaps asked in the earlier statements that whether the students really need to put all their focus on the community colleges or need to develop some more ideas out of that.

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