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Community Service Projects For College Students

Evelyn Said:

What college would be a good fit for me? Help, please :)?

We Answered:

um wow. i may be only a student but that looks incredibly impressive.
at my school recently, there was a small college presentation about George Washington University in Washington DC, and it sounded pretty cool - they'd probably let you in in a heartbeat.
their major selling points were internships (something like all students are guaranteed an internship, usually right in the state departments which are located within walking distance of one of their campuses), the number of speakers and the quality of their professors (really well-educated people teaching undergrads, not just the graduate students), their school of international affairs (great advantage, being located right in the capitol and near embassies etc)....the other huge thing was their engineering school, though they didn't tell us much about it because there were no aspiring engineers in the audience.

Violet Said:

Do I have what it takes to get into a good college?

We Answered:


Good Luck.

Jesus Said:

Social Issues concerning College students?

We Answered:

Well I would say that EVERY social issue is controversial. Otherwise it wouldn't be a social issue. But I think I get what you mean.

What about smoking? That seems like a good one. Or violence? Seems like there are a good number of fights on college campuses. Or maybe popularity. That might be interesting. And you could find out people's feelings about joining frats/sororities...and your project could have something to do with a "be yourself" type of thing? I don't know...

Derek Said:

How does one find their life passion in college? I get very bored in life?

We Answered:

It sounds like you have definitely gotten a lot out of your college experience and that you are prepared to move forward in your life.

As far as what to do... I highly recommend getting a job after college that is something you never imagined doing before. I have a friend who works in branding, which is part of the advertising field. I'd never even heard of something like that before, but it seems to be quite a creative outlet. There are amazing jobs out there people don't ever consider because they're not your everyday doctor, teacher, lawyer.

One of my friends went to Japan right after college and taught English there for a few years. We're now 7 years out of college and she's just now heading back to business school. Before that, she had been working at the SciFi network and MTV. She never thought she'd go to business school, but learned at her jobs that the best way to move up in any of these fields will be to get an advanced degree.

My point is that you really won't know what you want to do with your life until you start getting out there and try different things. Another of my friends travels and sells books to professors for a publishing company and hopes to become an editor soon. He's been all over the country for work in the past few years, meeting new people every step of the way.

You already have a lot of skills that employers will be eager to have. As long as you keep a positive attitude and try to stick with some jobs for about a year or so, you'll build an impressive resume and figure out where you want to go from here. For now, stick to deciding where you want to be once you're done with school. Once you pick a city (or location), you can get a first job and move up from there.

Hope that helps! Don't feel pressure to know what you want to do right away. Finding the perfect fit is a process, and you're on the right track. Good luck!

Clara Said:

Can I get into a good college?

We Answered:

It really looks like you have done a good job.
In the application process, the panel looks for grades but also if you would be a good match for the school. That's how you get people with really high scores and not get into a school. My friend got into Harvard but got rejected from Cornell. So grades are good but they will probably get you 75% of the way there.
Now, you may want to go to the Ivy leagues but, is it the best school for the career you want. Ivy leagues are great because they are the oldest in the US and they have had time to make their school amazing. But there are also some schools that are not well known but are up there. For example, I go to University of California Irvine, a school that was my back up. Many people at my school were aiming for UCLA and UC Berkeley as well as the Ivy leagues. But when I got here, I found out that UCI Chemistry Dept. is ranked top ten in the Nation for their graduate studies. That's pretty amazing, so for my major that's a great choice.
So your best bet is research! Look at what you want to do as your major. Look at the options that the schools provide and see if that school's dept. is good. You may find that a school has all the best options for YOU and isn't some Ivy league school. It's your choice.
Once you are there, work hard and check out all the resources they offer. Someone could be at Harvard or Yale, and just go along passing their classes. But some can take that and get involve in groups, conduct research, publish etc. So it is all on you to make the best of it.
I'm sure you will do great and you will get into all the schools you want. If not, know that there are many paths to your destination. Good luck and I hope that this helped you in some way.

Shirley Said:

can i require employees to do community service work?

We Answered:

NO WAY can you "force" an employee to work for free - that's exactly what you would be doing. If it's a project that they are interested in and they volunteer to help you without pay, that's one thing but you can't force them to participate, nor can you punish them if they decline to do so. You can, however, require that they participate in one project a year but the time they spend there must be compensated at the same rate they are paid normally UNLESS they volunteer to do it without pay.
EDIT: You can legally encourage and reward it by paying them to do it - it might spark an interest and encourage them to want to volunteer on their own next time a project comes around.

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