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Computer Deals For College Students

Jane Said:

i want to find a laptop computer where should i go for the best deals- keep in mind im a poor college student?

We Answered:

Get a cheap Dell from Best Buy.

Caroline Said:

How many times can Microsoft office be installed for college students?

We Answered:

The student edition, (also for teachers) allows installation on three computers but they should all be registered to the one user.

Henry Said:

Is it a big deal to buy a new computer with XP now and not with Vista?

We Answered:

I would highly recommend sticking with XP. I am an IT Technician and went through HXXX with customers who thought "they had to have XP when it came out". I never recommend a new OS for at least a year, till they get the bugs out of it. As far as the proclaimed security benefits, I'll believe it when I see it.

Vista was already hacked just after they released it to Corporations on Nov. 30, soooo... Also companies with all the big bucks are holding off simply due to what happened when XP came out. Not to mention, all current systems will be able to run Vista, and the ones that can, will cost more due to the hardware required.

And finally, if you do go out and buy a system that says Vista capable, do you know what that means? Simply it is capable, with the additional cost of more memory, correct video card etc.

Good luck, and don't take my word for it, check out sites with "experienced" people participating.


Shane Said:

If i restore my computer to factory settings would i lose the windows 7 i downloaded?

We Answered:

no you will not lose that file which is not yet installed but if the program s installed it will be restored to an earlier version

for example you have installed Ccleaner today and after that you take your pc back to yersterday the program you installed today will be lost but its downloaded file will stay there.

Jesse Said:

Does anyone in college use a desktop computer instead of a laptop?

We Answered:

Laptops are wonderful for wasting time thats why everyone buys them, if you have no trouble writting notes by hand I find no real reason to have a laptop over a desktop. The one major advantage of a laptop is it optimizes your spare time working on projects in boring classes and on breaks if you live off campus. If not remote accessing a home computer from a library is always a viable option.

Alicia Said:

What is a good computer for college?

We Answered:

Asus - Laptop with Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Technology - Brown/Yellow/Black
Model: G50Vt-X5 | SKU: 9173262
Intel® Core™2 Duo mobile processor P7450; 4GB DDR2 memory; DL DVD±RW/CD-RW drive; LightScribe technology; 15.6" widescreen; 320GB hard drive; built-in webcam; facial recognition security; Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit with SP1

graphics is gross overkill, but then it suits your needs perfectly & the price is a steal
besides, the other specs are pretty handsome too
ms office you need to buy separately, installation is childs play…
select your desired package

else you could also try 'open office, & it's free
just as good and user friendly, only less a few bells and whistles maybe

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