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Cool Jobs For College Students

Sylvia Said:

cool summer job?

We Answered:

hi check this link its useful


Julian Said:

College student in need of a good job to fit lifestyle ?

We Answered:

don't take too much money with you when you go to a club.

Keith Said:

British Colombia- Cool place to move? What is it like?

We Answered:

Vancouver is a good city to live in but not very cheap. Apartments and housing is a bit pricy. You might be able to find a one bedroom apartment for 1000 a month near skytrain station in Burnaby. Downtown is a lot more expensive maybe around 1400 or so. The more you go to the East it gets cheaper. Coquitlam and Maple Ridge and langley are cheaper but further from Vancouver. You can probably get a basement suite in Vancouver south for around 700 or 800. Shared is always cheaper though. There are two main universities. UBC and SFU. They're both pretty hard to get into but depends how your academic standings are. SFU is in North of burnaby available to most of Vancouver and burnaby by Bus and skytrain. UBC is in West of Vancouver with many buses ending there. Most people go to college first. Langara college is in Vancouver south and Douglas college is in New west minister and another campus in Coquitlam. Douglas is close to skytrain but Langara's skytrain station finishes in 2009. Finding job is not that hard depending on your experience. Construction jobs are available almost everywhere. Food costs are still quite lower in contrast to other cities. You can usually buy cheap grouseries from local chinese or Indian stores. The weather is usually very nice. Not a lot of wind chill, or snow and not that cold in the winter and not that hot in the summer. BRing an umbrella with you since it'll be raining a lot. Other cities of BC are good too especially on the Island but I would say better for old people. Good luck if you decided to come here.

Greg Said:

Should I quit my job and look for something else?

We Answered:

If you could I'd tell ya to start looking for something first, if your not happy now you'll be less happy later, so don't spin your wheels in the mud any longer than you gotta. Get out and find a job that you look forward to going to everyday.

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