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Cool Summer Jobs For College Students

Betty Said:

I need a job in Franklin/Murfreesboro/Cool Springs/Arrington...HELP!?

We Answered:

OK...random. You know most people are going to have no clue where in the world you are talking about when you list Franklin/Murfreesboro...etc.... But i do...cause i live in cool springs!!!
If you have not spent any time driving around Cool Springs and M'Boro then you need to. Look for help wanted signs...because i have seen quite a few around here :

I think JoAnne's Fabric and Craft is hiring part time
Khols (might get some good discounts)
Marshalls (once agan...could get some good discounts)
Marriott hotel on East Park has a housekeeper position open

I got all of these from

There are a ton of listings...but most were like captain D's and pizza Anyway good luck with your search. I did also see that the Kinder Care in Brentwood (maryland Farms is hiring..but i was not if that would be too far. I also did not check M'Boro:)

Stacey Said:

Is 19 too young to sell Avon?

We Answered:

Not at all. Your age may even be an advantage when it comes to young customers. Plus you will know all of the new makeup trends and styles. I'm also 19 and my mom sells Avon. I Love Avon!!! They have some great things. Good Luck Honey!

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