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Credit Card College Student

Vanessa Said:

What's the best credit card for college student?

We Answered:

The best card is actually NO CARD!! About 80% of people have that lingering around on their credit later in life. But, I would say Citi is the best interest etc ... I think you should open a checking or savings account and apply for a line of credit and use that instead...

Good Luck!

Sidney Said:

Can I get a college student credit card?

We Answered:

Odds are you can't because you would need some credit history. Very little banks are offering credit cards without a security deposit. Try capital one first and if that doesn't work be prepared to loan a bank $300 for 6-12 months. They might want proof you go to college, or they might not depends on your luck

these are the cards that you will most likely be accepted for from capital one the higher your annual fee the higher your acceptance rate.…

Carol Said:

can i apply for a college/student credit card if i'm not a student?

We Answered:

Apply for a capital one credit card, they give credit cards to people without any credit history or limited credit history.

Anita Said:

Easiest credit card to get for a college student?

We Answered:

no job no card period. lenders are much more cautious now. you can get your parents to get you one if they agree.

Priscilla Said:

How does the chase college student credit card work?

We Answered:

If you are into face book and want that feature go for it. After the introductory 0% APR, your APR will go up to either 17.24% or 21.24%, depending on your credit rating. Either way, it is going to be high. The terms of the chase card can be found here

For other options and to compare a range of student cards you can visit the consumer credit site

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