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Credit Cards For College Students No Credit

Franklin Said:

What is the best credit card for college students?

We Answered:

Any major card that has no annual fee, or other hidden fees is fine. Visa, M/C, Discover. Under the new rules though, you will need to prove you have a way to pay the bill (a job or other steady income, or get a co-signor. Then stick with your 100% pay-off plan.

Jimmy Said:

I have NO credit and I am a college student & I keep getting denied for student credit cards!?

We Answered:

You should really check into your credit rate. I was able to get one no problem. My friend on the other hand could not. I was with him, when he applied for something, and they told him, he wold hear from them in about a week. So the week, cane, and the later said he had no credit, so they could not give him one. We found that strange, and he keep applying. After about the 10th time. I said why not check your credit report. It said on the report that he had cards, they were not being used. It turn out that his brother got cards in his name and open them, but did not use them. That could be one reason you can't get a card. Also I don't know, but he went to Fargo Wells, and they gave him a loan, they help him straighten everything out. He now has cards, in his name. It took like 6 months for this all to work out, but it does help.

I hope that this helps, and good luck, I know that it is hard,

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Any significant card that has no yearly charge, or other concealed expenses is fine. Visa, M/C, Discover. Under the new principles however, you should demonstrate you have an approach to pay the bill (an occupation or other unfaltering wage, or get a co-signor. At that point stay with your 100% pay-off arrangement.

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It said on the report that he had cards, they were not being used.

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I hope that this helps, and good luck, I know that it is hard.

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I hope that this helps, and good luck, I know that it is hard.

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I hope that this helps, and good luck, I know that it is hard.

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I am a college student and I don’t have a credit card because my friend said to me that banks are providing credit card only for business man. Please if you know any bank who provide student credit card inform me.

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What is the best credit card for college students?

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It would be a bad idea to give credit cards to college students. They don’t have an income and so their parents would have to pay for all the stuff they buy with their credit card. It is better to give them a fixed money every month.

internet providers in my area said:

In my opinion credit cards are very dangerous for the students. Because there are lots of chances to lead them to buy unwanted things and thus it will create huge debt. As a student, he or she can’t pay too much of money because they have low income.

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