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Dental Insurance For College Students

Gene Said:

Health and Dental insurance for college students?

We Answered:

Health and Dental are two separate policies and very few individual health plan have a dental option. Generally, you pay as much in premiums with dental as you get in benefits.

For health insurance you should check your college. Many colleges have plans available for students. If they don't there are companies that have student plans or you can get a regular individual policy. Visit a local agent that works with all the major companies in your area to see what options are available.

Nicholas Said:

I need great dental insurance for a reasonable premium, where do i start looking? In NORCAL?

We Answered:

I would encourage you to visit this great website: I signed up online over 5 years ago when I was in college and they have saved me thousands of dollars on all of my dental needs. From extractions, xrays, fillings, root canals...etc. Even my braces had great coverage. They even had my very affordable benefits active in 2 hours and was able to use them the very same day. Good luck and Hope this helps

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