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Desks For College Students

Randall Said:

What are this Frequency graph's X and Y axis labels?

We Answered:

Assuming you are collecting data on the presence of specific books on desks, a histogram x axis would be the name of the book and the y axis the number of times it was found on a desk.

Brett Said:

Can an full time college student earn income from their dorm room?

We Answered:

check out this book. "Starting and online business for Dummies" by Greg Holden.

It's one of the many "For Dummies" series of books. There are many others.

Two other websites have good sources of information on starting a business if you look for them. (the Small Business Administration. they have free downloads on some of their pamphlets and stuff.) (stands for Service Core of Retires Executives.) They offer all kinds of help for people wanting to start a business and for people who are in business but wanting to do better. They have lots of good free stuff also.

Arthur Said:

COLLEGE STUDENTS: How much would you pay to be able to rent your textbooks at a library?

We Answered:

well, i'm not sure if you can actually rent textbooks from a library, but there is this website called that allows you to rent textbooks for relatively cheap.
hope this helps.

Ramon Said:

Is this a good desk size for high school and college students to do homework?

We Answered:

I think so..
You will need room to do work and stuff.
It'lll fit a comfortable chair under, and enough rooom to spread around papers and stuff
it SHOULD be fine, have you tested it out?

Help me on mine please;…
Goood luck with schooool:)

Albert Said:

Need help concentrating...(college students--HELP!)?

We Answered:

Well what I do is put noise cancelling headphones on and have (at a low volume) classical/instrumental music playing. Maybe I just have an easier time concentrating than you but you could try that.

But if that doesn't work, what you could try is not focus on getting it done all in one sitting. What I recommend to people that have problems focusing is that they study like this so they don't burn themselves out. Watch TV and during the commercials you read your book/work on your paper/or whatever, that way your not so bored during the process. You would be suprised how much you can actually get done like that.

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