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Discount Software For College Students

Kelly Said:

Purchasing Microsoft Office with student discount?

We Answered:

The regular retail version of Office H&S allows for installation on up to three computers.

Have a second read through the license for the student discount. It might be permitting you to have a second copy installed provided only one is active at a time.

In either case, Office Web Apps let you use lite versions of these programs through any web browser, provided you save your files online:…

And there is always, which is free to use and compatible.

Reginald Said:

Why are macs so expensive to buy?

We Answered:

so they can charge less for the operating system because to have it you have to have their hardware whereas for windows or linux you can install it on whatever you want.

It makes them seem like the good guys. But they're really crap. The only good thing about mac's is that they look cool but that doesn't matter because once you turn it on you think damn this OS is ugly o.o

Mac OS is Unix based just like Linux you should go with Linux its cool plus its free :D and it looks better ^^. Most people who use Mac don't know much about computers o.o

Lee Said:

Dell Studio 15 or White Macbook?? HELP PLEASE!?

We Answered:

Both are good.

The question is: Will both computers perform all the functions I want, both for work, study and play? If not, pick the one that does. If so: Does the Mac provide extra facilities which I want/will use enough that I'm ready to pay an extra $270 for it?

Personally, I would get the Mac - because I would like to be able to use Screenflow, which is not available for PC or linux. You might not be bothered about that particular piece of software. Check that they both run the stuff you WANT to use.

Felicia Said:

Valid, paid-for copy of Office Enterprise 2007 that won't install (have uninstalled trial version)?

We Answered:

Typically this is happening because the trial verison didn't properly get uninstalled. See this page about cleaning up the registry with the MS Clean tool… I've used this tool several times and it is pretty safe.

Wanda Said:

AutoCAD Software Question?

We Answered:

Go to the site. Register as a student. Provide the necessary credentials (school name etc). You will be allowed to download a fully functional copy for free.
Otherwise, the program costs between $3500 and $7000 depending on features...
(If you don't manage it, mail me: there are other means). :-)

Yolanda Said:

vista laptop question?

We Answered:

it really does seem to be on a program to program basis, but most popular programs that had problems with vista are releasing fixes, or you can dl them from microsoft. i'd go with vista if you're buying new.. it will get better as time goes on. maybe you could haggle and get a software bundle with your new computer with all the newest programs you need designed to work with vista

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