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Jennie Said:

need microsoft office for windows 7?

We Answered:

Not at all. Office has nothing to do with Windows 7 other then the fact that 7 includes a trail of office. All you need is a computer that meets all the required specs (Ram, processor, Hard drive space, etc...) which I'm sure you have since the required specs on 7 are incredibly low.

Lori Said:

Music production software help?

We Answered:

It sounds like Audacity may be useful

Audacity is free and available on windows and linux.

Tutorial links are included below

Kim Said:

I'm thinking about buying the wacom intuos 4 medium?

We Answered:…

This is the program used to turn writing into text.

This is your best bet. This, or a small. Easy to use.

Heres a video of how ritePen works:…

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check my blog said:

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