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Diversity Activities For College Students

Jeanette Said:

What clubs/activities look good for college?

We Answered:


or whatever you have like it, DECA looks great on any type of application and you get to go on some pretty cool trips

Walter Said:

Are there any extracurricular activities involving English for a 12th grader that'll look good on a college..?

We Answered:

Obviously the person above me didn't read the fact that you are home schooled.

Being a tutor would actually be a great opportunity, especially if it is with children. Therre are a lot of programs that match adults with young children helping them education wise.

Jeanette Said:


We Answered:

--one was one a friend (once a friend) / ‘god hates fags,’ ‘fags should die,’ ‘god hates you,’ ('God hates fags', ‘fags should die’, ‘God hates you’,--God shud be capitalized. & i -think- the coma wud come after the quote) / races, ages, sexual orientations, ages (ages used twice)
(i, personally, wud use the last sentence as a final paragraph)
but im no english major & i hope i wasnt being 2 picky.--

that is a wonderful, wonderful essay!

its so crisp, clear & inspiring!

i love ur writing technique!

Carl Said:

Diversity ideas for college students?

We Answered:

point out that marriage is one of the sacrements, the root being SACRED. And that associating that with the abomination of homosexual depravity is an indication that Satan has won.

Point out to your charges that people who engage in homosexuality are filthy inside.

Edith Said:

What do you think about my Common Application Personal Essay on Diversity?

We Answered:

I definitely think you should have a professional look at your essay. I got into a great college and my first choice for graduate school, and have tried out a couple of professional editing services over the past few years. I figured other people are using them, and if I didn't I would get left behind.

Anyway, these are the companies I have tried:
The biggest company and does generally a good job. I've had two essays edited by them, and they were both a little better after.
A friend recommended them to me since all of their editors have a degree from Harvard. I've sent my last three essays to them. They were A LOT better afterwards, with like lots of eloquent wording.
I used them for one scholarship essay last year and it was was really horrible. They only changed a few grammatical things and even made some mistakes.

Anyway, good luck with your essay!

Arnold Said:

Is my college application essay on Diversity any good? Please let me know!?

We Answered:

Ignore the troll. Your essay is great, emotionally powerful and very well-written. Best of luck with your applications!

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