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Easy Diets For College Students

Hector Said:

What is a good diet for a busy college student?

We Answered:

Perhaps you could try the twice a day cereal diet.

Beatrice Said:

Main goal is to lose some weight. What are some diets and exercises that i can easily do at home for 4 weeks?

We Answered:

try the lil Jack workout… it really helps

Frances Said:

Easy diet for someone who is young loves sweets but is insulin resistant?

We Answered:

South Beach Diet. Many dietitians and nutritionist recommend it for diabetics. Being insulin resistant can cause weight gain. It is type 2 diabetes. Type 2 can be insulin resistant, but many times a type 2's pancreas does not make enough insulin. The South Beach diet will teach you about good and bad carbs, and gives lists of what you can and can't eat. It does not count calories or carbs and is not an exchange diet. It does not cause the ketones to rise like the Atkins diet can do. This can be very dangerous to a diabetic.. You can buy a copy of this diet at Walmart (paperback) for around $12.00. It is a very easy to follow and safe diet. Make sure you exercise daily for about 45 minutes. Walking is a very good way to exercise and is not strenuous.

Karen Said:

Healthy easy meals on a very small budget.?

We Answered:

another college student here! i'm asian so most of my meals involve rice.

salmon with teriyaki sauce (can pop that in the oven) with rice. just season the salmon with the sauce for some time before cooking.

chicken seasoned with oyster sauce, cooked with carrots and potatoes

salmon in (instant) miso soup, with cabbage and noodles. i boil the instant soup first, then add in the chopped cabbage then lastly the salmon. when the salmon looks cooked turn off the flame. boil the noodles in another pot, then drain. pour the soup with the ingredients over the noodles and serve. yum.

strange, but i like pasta with salad sauce (french vinaigrette). serve with a piping hot chicken kiev (relatively cheap)

baked butternut squash. just halve the squash, de-seed it, oil the surface a bit and bake. (can't remember how long but it's easy to find out how. just google)

baked brinjal (seasoned with oyster sauce). also capsicum.

fried noodles! i season chicken with oyster sauce and fry that in the pan first, then add in the veg (you can fry garlic before all this first, until golden brown). then add in the noodles, and stir. add in some sauce (any sauce) and stir well. cook some more and it's done.

garlic baked chicken. slit chicken breast and stuff chopped garlic into the slit. season with salt and pepper. then bake.

fried rice. precook the rice and make sure that it is cool. fry chopped onion in oil until light brown, add in seasoned chicken or whatever other sort of meat, add in veg (peas and carrots are good. mushrooms are lovely), then add in the rice, stir well. add some sauce and stir again. cook an omelette on the side, the slice it up. put it on top of the fried rice. OR as you're frying the rice, break an egg into the pan, wait til the egg has cooked a bit and then stir well with the rest of the ingredients.

mashed potatoes. boil potatoes til soft, add butter and milk and salt (to taste) and mash. no need for fancy mashers, i use a fork.

canned food are always good. but not very healthy. pasta with tomato sauce is a lifesaver. i just heat up the sauce in the microwave and pour it over my boiled pasta.

i don't spend more than 20 pounds a week on groceries. sometimes even below 15 quid. :)

Joy Said:

anyone know a cheap, easy to follow diet for college students?

We Answered:

cut down to 1500 calories a day, you can eat anything you want, but the total caolires have to be below 1500, its really simple and it works very well

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