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Easy Jobs For College Students

Antonio Said:

Question for college students...about getting a job in your college town?

We Answered:

I think it might depend on where you are going to college. I was in Washington DC so it was really easy to find a job. It might be more difficult in other places. It may also depend on what kind of job you want to have

Darlene Said:

Moving to San Francisco- is it easy to find a job?

We Answered:

Welcome to San Francisco, our city by the Bay.
My Mother and Grandfather (born is 1887) were born here.
I do not like the cold summers or fog so I live in the warmer Silicon Valley (Santa Clara County).

Find a job and a reasonable priced place to live:

consider being a apt manager for cheap rent..

Also self storage places often have apt. and they need someone to live in these apt...for security etc.

Jonathan Said:

is it easy to get an on campus job in college?

We Answered:

It's easy to find employment on campus, but it's generally not "good" jobs -- at least, not at first.

Most student jobs involve glamorous tasks like scrubbing dishes, filing paperwork in department offices, answering phones, sorting student mail, swiping dining hall cards, working as a ball boy/girl for athletics, etc. That's the type of work you can expect as a first-year or sophomore. You might luck out with something interesting -- I had one particularly fun job working in my college's fundraising office -- but the pay will still be terrible and you won't be particularly excited to clock in most days. Campus work is usually just a way to help you earn some spending money (or textbook money, in my case), not gain valuable experience in your field. I do recommend it, though, especially due to its social value and character-building opportunities.

Once you've made your mark in your department, however, more opportunities begin to open up, particularly at the junior and senior levels. If you want to do research or lab work, the trick is to start forming a relationship with your adviser or favorite department professor immediately when you arrive on campus as a first-year. Those types of jobs tend to be exceptionally competitive, and professors usually hand-pick their student assistants. Fighting for jobs in the sciences can be particularly brutal, so you need to be on top of your game from the get-go and prove your merits to them. Also, don't expect to research your own interests; you'll likely be working on a professor's. That means that it would help you to figure out what their research interests are early on so that you can also start expressing interest and knowledge in the same areas.

Jessica Said:

Whats a good easy job for a college student....minimal hours???

We Answered:

Personal care attendant. You'd take care of the mentally and physically infirm, get paid in the double digits per hour and gain a greater appreciation for human life and dignity.

Ellen Said:

I'm a college student, any ideas on an easy second job?

We Answered:

get a job on campus like tutoring

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