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Easy Scholarships For College Students

Floyd Said:

How can I pay for college other than working 40 hour weeks?

We Answered:

Most people take out loans for college, and work part time if they are going to school full time. Few people get an absolute free ride to school; either from scholarships or money from their parents. I would also recommend not borrowing more than $30,000 total for your bachelors degree.

Adrian Said:

What is the easiest college to get a Basketball Scholarship to for an International Student?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Janet Said:

i need money for college how do I get it?

We Answered:

and a great scholarship website is

good luck, finding money is hard.

anyone can get a scholarship, on fastweb they ask about specific circumstances. You should at least find some money

Naomi Said:

is it easier for students with an IEP to get into college?

We Answered:

There's no way for them to know whether or not you were on an IEP unless you tell them (it prevents unintentional discrimination). The will look at the objective information and make decisions that way. Your GPA is one piece that they look at, but they'll use SAT/ACT scores more closely. If you can be competetive based on ALL the data they look at, your chances are the same.

Also, keep in mind that D3 schools CAN'T offer athletic scholarships, by NCAA/NAIA rule.

Andy Said:

Does FIU give out full ride scholarships easy?

We Answered:

Besides sports, the only sure way of getting a full ride is if you do well on your PSAT's and become a national merit scholar. Most schools give full rides to these students. Simply having good grades at your school won't get you much because not every school is equal with grades (in some schools, it will be easier to get a 4.0 than others). Also, it depends on if you took normal classes or AP/IB. Full rides can be hard to get, any school that easily gives them away probably isn't worth going to.

Crystal Said:

Is there any university in the USA which awards a lot of scholarships to international students?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

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