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Amy Said:

How much do I owe in taxes?

We Answered:

You will not owe anything. This will be handled on your parents return. Hopefully they will have a professional handling it. They will receive a 1099 regarding what was paid in scholarship and should know what they paid.

Glen Said:

Did you come out of college with a lot more debt than when you went in?

We Answered:

State university budgets are in the red - even with the funding they get from the state and the tuition you pay, they still can't pay all their bills. They're having to fire staff and even professors, which makes the ranking of the school go down, so fewer people apply, and it gets even worse. No, they can't afford to feed you for free - it costs thousands of dollars to feed each student every year. Really, it just sounds like the store on campus was ripping you off - you could have rented a car and driven to Wal-Mart, stocked up on toilet paper, and then sold it for a profit yourself.

Joy Said:

How is a socialist government bad???

We Answered:

Ok, Salvador, let me answer your questions by posing a few of my own. Lets suppose you go to school, graduate high school with a 3.5 or better average, spend 6 years in school to get a doctorate. Your classmate, Little Billy, shows up 2 or 3 days a week, ditches class to smoke weed, then drops out in 9th grade. You become a brain surgeon, he works at the adult bookstore, cleaning the used stalls. You get paid 300K a year for your time and diligent effort throughout your life. He still smokes weed (when he can bum it or afford it on his salary) and he makes 12K a year. Now, because of his personal choices and habits I step in and say, "Wait, Salvador, this isn't fair. You make so much money and poor Little Billy doesn't. We need to take half of the money you make and give it to Little Billy, so that he can have money to buy his weed. All of your time, your dedication, your hard work don't matter. It's not poor Little Billy's fault that he didn't stay in school. It's yours because you're rich, and he's not. And he doesn't have any opportunities."

Little Billy was your classmate up until the 9th grade. He chose to smoke weed, cut class, and drop out. This was his CHOICE, not a lack of opportunities. And socialism doesn't recognize the distinction. They just come and seize the assets you worked so hard for. Because what YOU did is unimportant, it's all about what others didn't do. So you owe them.

Is this what you want your government to become?

Lydia Said:

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano supports the dream act how about you?

We Answered:

I believe it is mere justice to naturalize or provide a path to citizenship for those who have been, through no fault of their own, made effectively Americans and grown up essentially alien from their homeland. We could argue about the exact criteria but I would say anyone who came here as a minor and spent more than five years here immediately prior to their 16th birthday would be arguably covered. I see too many people who have been here from the age of 1, 2, 5 years old and who have no ability to regularize themselves. They should not suffer for their parent's misdeeds/

I would be OK with a prohibition againt them being able to sponsor their parents, at least for an extended period; the parents did offend and while I think we need to resolve all of our immigration issues this is one piece that doesn't seem to be hard to resolve.

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