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Employment For College Students

Felicia Said:

What is an appropriate business email address for a college student seeking employment?

We Answered:

some colleges will allow their students to set up e-mail accounts through the college. Ask the libraian at your local college. If that isn't an option for you, you can always make a free yahoo account. I think it's professional enough if you just use your name for your e-mail address.

Gordon Said:

any recommendations for employment during college?

We Answered:

You might want to try a restaurant. They usually will overlook some things like that. You make a decent amount of money and most will offer medical insurance. Also, they are really flexible with hours and can go around your classes.

Velma Said:

What companies offer employment assistance for part time employees who are college students?

We Answered:

star bucks there amazing 20 hr a week get you benefits after 6 months and if you study certain fields they help pay for school

Ramon Said:

Part-Time employment for college student, suggestions please?

We Answered:

Try looking for internships through the school? Finding a part-time job at that pay will be pretty hard to do. Good luck!

Daniel Said:

Are college students likely to be hired for employment at the 2012 Olympics?

We Answered:

Planning on going to Russia huh? Yes, but they will most likely hire locals.

Nelson Said:

where should i apply for employment 19 male college student?

We Answered:


Lucy Said:

Does having a college minor increase your chances for employment out of college?

We Answered:

go for the double major, it will get you farther

please answer mine;…

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