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Enrolling In College

Sandra Said:

Back from basic training army and enrolling in college?

We Answered:

Most schools have a VA office to help veterans. You can talk to them, or visit…

Scott Said:

What was my initial purpose for enrolling in College?

We Answered:

Please my superiors.

Please my parents.

Mostly for other people rather than myself.

It was more peer pressure than my actaul want of going to college, I suppose that's why I didn't finish.


Phyllis Said:

Do you think its a good idea to take a year off after graduating from high school before enrolling in college?

We Answered:

Well, I did it, but I had a clear plan for myself. I wanted to work and gain a little extra money for college and also to get a little experience in the work force.

I would not suggest wasting your time and money and frustrating yourself in the process by going to college at this point. I would sit down with either your guidance councelor, if you're still in school that is, or talk to an advisor at your local college or university.

Make a list of what you like and don't like, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and maybe you'll get a better idea of the path to take when you're ready for college. Good luck!!!

Marcia Said:

should I take acting classes before enrolling into college?

We Answered:

Only do what you think is best for you.
I'd say "yes". So you don't get confused in what your "Professers" are saying in your classes. Just take a tutor over the summer or online classes. You can go to and click Homework Help for Help.
If you think oppisate of what I just said, Dont take them!
Good Luck!
And Best Wishes to Colledge!

Jeffrey Said:

How can I learn another language without enrolling in college?

We Answered:

Online tutorials. Join groups on for the language you're interested in. Buy books and audio tapes. Become friends with someone who knows the languages you want to learn and in exchange, teach them a skill you know.


Virgil Said:

Financial Aid for High School Student dual enrolling in College in Missouri?

We Answered:

lucky for you, taking a class at a community college costs less than the gas you'll burn (or the bus fare you'll pay) to get to the class and back for the whole semester.

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