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Entry Level College Graduates

Carla Said:

Hi, Currently, I am an entry level graduate student of CUNY-Brooklyn College (MA, computer science). I also go?

We Answered:

CUNY schools have a poor reputation for Technology subjects. PolyTechnic Institute has a good reputation.

Also a Computer Engineering degree has more flexibility than a Computer Science degree (I''m surprised they let you in without bridging courses unless you were an Engineering undergrad).

Brittany Said:

Do most college graduates that take entry level jobs make $30,000 to 40,000?

We Answered:

You have to start from somewhere. You need experience and business friends. Try to focus on your new job. Make friends try to save money.

Claire Said:

Why aren't there any entry level jobs for recent college graduates?

We Answered:

A lot depends on what your major was, and how your grades were, and if you had an internship - and sometimes where you went to school. Have you tried your college placement bureau? Also check out newspaper ads, and any large companies in your area or in an area you are interested in living in. Check out the job websites too, but don't limit yourself to those - most jobs don't show up there.

Entry level jobs do exist. I have several nieces and nephews who have graduated in recent years, and all found jobs in their fields of study.

Good luck.

Douglas Said:

In the legal industry, what is the standard entry level position for a college graduate w/no prior experience?

We Answered:

So you're not even a licensed paralegal? You can't work on your own then. You should shoot for Assistant/Secretary for a partner, or at least for someone as high up in the firm as you can get.

Lena Said:

Do investment banks sponsor their entry level workers to return to school?

We Answered:

yes they all encourage you to go for the MBA. Policy on tuition assistance varies by company

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Finance and accounting are one of the areas marked to show plenty of growth in the next few years. my advice would be to identify a financial or accounting firm you will like to work in.

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You will find lots of choices for individuals and that's probably why so many go. But enrollments for both college and graduate schools are getting difficult since roles are not starting up as quick.

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Some schools are better than others.There's a structure, and one level can be value more than another. Thousands may have a degree, but if you go to a better college than they did, reality is, you're more likely to get a job.

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