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Entry Level College

Carolyn Said:

College Grads Only: How long did you stay at your first entry-level job?

We Answered:

I was at my first entry-level job for 2 years and 11 months. I left for a better opportunity.

Marsha Said:

is an entry level college accounting a difficult class?

We Answered:

You gotta study, do the work, but it is usually pretty straightforward. If you are good at general math and have fair reasoning skills, you'll do fine.

Tracey Said:

What is an entry level college?

We Answered:

Most of the time when people refer to "entry level college" they are talking about junior colleges or community colleges. There is nothing wrong with these institutions as long as they are regionally accredited. The degrees are respected by employers and by larger universities if in the future you want to continue your studies.

Irma Said:

How do you write a resume for an entry level college lecturer position?

We Answered:

A great resume does not only relay your previous work experience, but like any great ad, advertises the specific benefits of working with you. One of the first things that an employer sees on your resume is your objective statement. It is often debated whether you should include this statement at all and if you choose to, how specific it needs to be.
The objective is most useful when the person reading your resume is unsure of the position you’re applying for, usually because this was never made clear by the company or if you’re just entering the work-force with an entry-level job. The general pitfalls of an objective statement is either making it too specific or too vague. Though the hiring manager wants to be able to tell immediately whether you’re a well-suited candidate for the position, they are even more interested in whether you are suited for the company. If your objective doesn’t convey why you would be an excellent hire, chances are your resume will go straight to the wastebasket. If your objective is too vague and says absolutely nothing about you, you might as well not bother writing one at all. The well-written objective will tell the employer immediately the kind of job for which you are looking and why they should hire you.
Presentation is also important in your resume. Make sure that it has a simple and easy to read structure, that it is balanced and uncrowded, with as much space between blocks of text as possible. Keep the blocks of text no longer than six lines and use bullet points when describing your past job responsibilities (a great place to include power-words!) Make sure that the resume is uniform with the use of bullet points, boldface, italics and underlining. Most importantly, there must be no grammatical errors! A grammatically incorrect resume looks sloppy and unpolished. Make sure that your resume includes all the necessary information. For example, when discussing your previous employers, make sure that you include the company name, the city and state in which it’s located, and the years of your employment there. Stay focused! Keep in mind the job you are applying for and don’t crowd the page with unnecessary details; choose your words wisely – shorter is usually better.
If you know the job and company that you are applying for, it is much easier to create a resume that will be most appealing to your potential employer. After conducting some preliminary research, use power-words, structure and a good objective statement to create a comprehensive, easy-to-read and pro-active sounding advertisement of yourself. Good luck!

Natalie Said:

Is it best after college to do an internship or entry level work?

We Answered:

I'm a junior business marketing student and I am graduating in the Spring of 08. I also have not had any internships up until this summer because I have had a leadership position in a strong campus organization, leaving me little time.
However, internships are very important, partially for the reason that a) they allow prospective employers to see that you are a reliable person with talent and b) they allow you to see what type of positions are out there and how you fit in.
My suggestion for you is to intern during the fall. Internships are available year-round, not just the summer-time. You can do a part-time internship while taking classes.
Although I am not a management major, I know that as far as marketing majors go, internships are almost a must before getting an entry level job---assuming you want a good entry-level job.
I suggest you make the most of your college career by interning.
Remember, you could do it part time this summer or in the fall.
Good luck!

Nelson Said:

advice on an entry level, college grad resume?

We Answered:

Does your school have a career services/placement office? They should have counselors who can help you look over your resume and may even know of local organizations who are hiring!

I suggest you also research alumni from your school and see if they know anyone or perhaps work for a company you would like to work for. They can inform you about their work and the companies they work for and what they like/dislike.

To actually create the resume, google has many templates that you can use as a guide. Some hints include:

-Get a free email account with a "business" email. Typically these are your first name and last. "SkaterDude" or "HornyBoy4U" as email addresses won't help you being taken seriously!

-Tweak your resume to reflect the job that you want. List jobs, internships, volunteering activities, memberships all related to your field. You can add other extra curriculars not directly related under "additional experience"

-It can help if you create a specific Objective for what you're looking for. They can be vague as "Seeking entry level position at a management company" or as specific as "Seeking an administrative assistant position with X comapny".

-It seems to be a toss up as to whether or not you should go with 1 page or not. Typically 1 page is all that is required (and is all that is requested), but if you have a lot of experience, then 2 pages won't hurt.

-Omit "References on Request". This is a basic "no duh" sort of thing and a lot of time HR managers won't really care to contact them. (Try to keep a lit of references handy for interviews in case they ask.) If you do get indications that the interviewer will contact them or if you feel you have a good shot at the job, it's courteous to let your references know.

-Keep your options open. Check your local paper,,,,,, contact alumni, talk to your professors and instructors, friends, the career counselors, old places you've worked/volunteered. Most openings are never advertised because people are hired thorugh they know. It's maddening, but true.

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