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Environmental Projects For College Students

Yvonne Said:

I need a topic for a social research project?

We Answered:

maybe you could do something with the ratio of boys to girls at your school and maybe research if the school is more or less appealing to a certain sex and why? there are a lot more girls than boys at my school. i just think it may be interesting to try and hypothesize why. just an idea. good luck :)

Tommy Said:

What are the environmental issues around the world?

We Answered:

ummm that would fall under the broader issue or timber harvesting like for construction and furniture and the loss of old forest and at what rate we and artificially growing forests.

thats the gist.

but i dont think paper production itsself is a huge issue

as for enviromental issues around the world? the possibilities are in the thousands

air pollution, water pollution, invasion of species into local habitats and changing the natural ecosystem, species conservation, global warming

every country experiences those problems and of course the specific issues very greatly but thats a start.

Emma Said:

Sophomore in High School looking for an environmental engineer to answer 23 questions based on their career?

We Answered:

I have Masters degree in Env. Eng and Bachelors degree in Civil Eng. I always worked as Civil Eng. I don't mind you ask me questions. I will answer based on my school work during my ME. I don't have any experience as Env. Eng. I will honestly say I don't know, if i do not know something.

email me at

Jacqueline Said:

Can someone please review a part of my college acceptance letter? ?

We Answered:

very impressive!

don't be got it in the bag.
just pray

Andrea Said:

I'm Vice President of my college's Environmental Action Group & need ideas?

We Answered:

Just grab a telly and put in man vs wild

Travis Said:

what happens on a chemical level to make Methane so bad?

We Answered:

Methane does not interact directly with ozone. Your professor my be looking for a balanced equation, something like:
CH4 + 2O3 -> CO2 + 2H2O + O2

Methane helps warm the air under the thermocline that keeps water vapor from entering the ozone layer. Water vapor serves both to block the formation of ozone, and to provide a decay path for ozone. And if energetic radiation does break methane down in the ozone layer, you can see that one of its products will be more water vapor...

Francis Said:

im in desperate need HISTORY HW help please... thanks?

We Answered:

Seriously, it was easier for you to post here than to just google the darn questions yourself?
At least if you googled or went to wikipedia you would have a (slim) chance of gaining and retaining knowledge.

Here's my question to you: where is the line between taking a shortcut and cheating?

Next question: how will you verify that the answers provided to you are accurate, not people just playing with you?


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