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Essay Contest For College Students

Dan Said:

Im in 7th grade and im entering a essay contest competing against other 7ths and some 8ths.?

We Answered:

first, ur intro doesn't say much about what ur essay is about, there's no thesis, n there's nothing about what ur trying to say. if ur trying to say that the internet is "good" then stick with it and don't write anything that will contradict it, which ur opinion does.

if ur pointing out the pros and cons, then mention it in the intro. then write a seperate paragraphs for the pros and the cons. if ur going to express ur opinion about what u think (its good or bad) then mention that as ur final body paragraph.

its a good that ur using a lot of examples so continue to do that, but u should also elaborate it. like the part about why people use the internet for schoolwork (cus its faster? easier? dont have time to go to the library? etc.)

thats bout it. hope nothing seems harsh and wish u luck ^.^

Glen Said:

Can I get into these certain colleges with my resume looking like this?

We Answered:

You should be a slam dunk for all of the schools listed.

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