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Essay Contests For College Students

Milton Said:

Does anyone know of any contests to pay off college debt?

We Answered:

Hello how are you? What I suggest that you do is use a scholarship search. A scholarship search allows you to create a profile and receive information for all the scholarships that you are eligible to apply for based on your profile description. actually has 2 free scholarship searches available right now. I hope this helps. Good Luck!

Amanda Said:

Can I get accepted to Harvard College?

We Answered:

Let's see -- perfect grades and perfect SAT score? You are certainly qualified to get into Harvard. You will certainly get into some elite schools -- but nothing is guaranteed. Harvard turns down 6-10 qualified applicants for every one they accept. Pay a lot of attention to your admissions essay. It may determine where you go.

Do you think Melanie is really at Harvard Law? You would think that a Harvard University law student would know that the name of the undergraduate school at Harvard University is actually Harvard College.

Good luck.

Kimberly Said:

What is a creative essay title for "teacher essay"?

We Answered:

Decieving looks

Yolanda Said:

Good college essay contest?

We Answered:

Paying out $1,000 to the winning essay for college students, check it out...O30=

Clarence Said:

College essay - what do you think?

We Answered:

As someone who's read a lot of college application essays, I can say this one is a little different than the "run of the mill" essay. It still screams "I wrote about the topic that would please admissions the most!' but other than that, it still has some originality to it. I would edit some of the grammar and punctuation errors and also reword some of the sentences and select some better words throughout.

In "Tyler came to me while I was alone", the "came to" should be replaced with "approached". The last sentence of the essay, the period should be outside of the quotation.

In general I think any school would be pleased that you enjoy challenges and that you don't expect perfection and that you are aware you're going into a competitive environment where there will be hundreds of students who are more academically capable than you. But if what you wrote is genuinely you and you genuinely believe it, any school would feel that you can handle the challenges without much mental breakdown etc.

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