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Essay Scholarships For College Students 2010

Eleanor Said:

I need help with college things.!?

We Answered:

We offer our Loans to our clients In USD($), GBP(£) Euro(€) or ($) Singapore Dollars and in the following categories.

Auto ,Mortgage ,Business ,Personal ,Real Estate Loan.

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Thank you for your response.

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Thomas Said:

what are my chances of getting into notre dame/barrett honors college at asu?

We Answered:

If you didn't do so poorly on your SAT's and ACT's I would say it was a guarantee. If you have any opportunity to retake either that would be desirable. However with those test scores your future may be cloudy for both schools. You definitely still have a shot though. Best of luck!

Crystal Said:

I want to go to Ohio State University next year...?

We Answered:

You will want to apply to OSU by January 1st 2010. Go on their web site for an application.
You will also need two letters of recommendation from your HS teachers. You should write you college essay during September and have your senior english teacher help you with editing it.
Once accepted in to OSU. you will meet with a college adviser who will help you plan out your freshman year of classes.

You will need to go to college for four years and earn your Bachelor degree before you can apply to medical school.(another four years plus residency)
You will want to go into the pre-med program as an undergrad. You will still need to choose a major. If you live in Ohio I highly suggest you plan a college visit to OSU (they will want a two week notice) take a tour of the campus and meet with admissions. They will give you the details of how to apply to their school and give you information about their pre med program

Bradley Said:

Will this resume get me an entry level internship at an insurance agency?

We Answered:

The only person who can tell you if you'll definitely get a job with this resume is the person who sees it and hires you.

Personally, I think your resume is too wordy. Most HR people who have to read a bunch of resumes all the time are looking for *A Stand Out* (in the crowd) type of person. Put it on a quick diet and only put in the best, most pertinent information necessary. Good Luck!


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