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Essay Scholarships For College Students

Dale Said:

Are any decent scholarships out there for college students w/ less than a 3.0 and lil to no essay writing?

We Answered:

Oh, you've come too far to give up now; and you are right, if you take time off you won't go back and finish. Go to these two sites: and fill out the profile, they'll find you more scholarships than you know what to do with although many of them will involve writing at least a short essay (and if you are in Bus Admin/Ops Mgt you had better be able to express yourself both in written form and orally!!!) and Good luck!

Keith Said:

college students: about how many scholarships did you apply for? and how many, if any, did you earn?

We Answered:

My husband's cousin got her BA in nursing. We asked her about scholarships because my daughter started this year. She said the first 2 years she did so many essays and all the requirements and never got one scholarship, so she just gave up on it. She said that thousands apply and only one will get it many times. I am curious to know too, if people really get them often.

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