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Europe Trips For College Students

Derrick Said:

How much money does the average college student make from work study in 3 months?

We Answered:

You can make

Perry Said:

what is a good organized trip to europe for a college student?

We Answered:

Contiki ( ) caters for travellers age between 18 and 35, and I have a couple of friends who are big fans of their tours, within Europe and outside of Europe. One of them must have gone for at least 5 tours with them in the last couple of years and she's always persuading me to join her too.

Alternatively I've seen the student travel shop here advertising Kumuka ( ). A check on their website and they cater for 18-45 years old.

Curtis Said:

What are some credible college student Europe trip tour companies?

We Answered:

EF College Break, Student City, STA Travel, Contiki, Expedia.

Evelyn Said:

what is the absolute cheapest way for a college student to get from Houston Texas to Europe this may?

We Answered:

Check out It allows you to search for the cheapest flight on many other sites simultaneously (sites like Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, the airline sites, etc.). It does not cover Hotwire, so search that one separately. Good luck!

Adam Said:

Where can I plan a 30day trip to Europe?

We Answered:

Hi there,

I found sta travel to be a great start, you can plan an independant itinerary on but for escorted travel you really cant do better than contiki, they are a group tour company im going on one in june, got a 25day camping tour for $2200 australian! Hope these websites help

Theodore Said:

Has anyone ever taken a tour of europe with EF College Break?

We Answered:

I did one several years back - it was a great experience, the guides and drivers we had were excellent and knew their stuff. EF tours do tend to cater towards the educational, so don't plan on doing constant exploration on your own - lots of the experience is catered towards you, though there will be some free time..

There were approximately 15 females and 2 males (myself being one of them) on our trip. It made for some interesting cultural experiences!!

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