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European Trips For College Students

Lucille Said:

hahahah celeb newz...?

We Answered:

like, omg! no way girl?!


Lena Said:

What types of colleges could I get into? I have a lowish GPA, but good test scores and decent ECs.?

We Answered:

I agree with the answer above, especially since you said that that GPA is weighted. The GPA could be supplemented with a high course load, but yours is not very demanding compared to all the other applicants who have been taking all AP or all IB courses during Junior and Senior year.

I don't think you should be skipping your senior year, especially since you will have only 1 AP class in your high school history. Going to a college your senior year is probably a lot easier than going to high school, and colleges know that.

But yes, Columbia and Brown are difinatly out of reach at this point. Ivy's look for a minimum GPA of 3.8, with the toughest course load that the school allows.

Also, your counslor sends in a Secondary School Report, and there is a box that says "This student has taken the hardest/most demanding course load available by school cirriculum", and your counslor will not check that off.

I feel like you can still get into a good school but if you have lower grades w/out AP/IB classes, your GPA will not go up when you actually start taking them.

What about NYU? Look into colleges in Boston, they have a great ommunity there. Colleges in Connecticut are also worth looking into, like Connecticut College (private, very good school) and Trinity College.

Yet again, Don't give up. If your SAT is very high, over 2200, then DEFINETLY apply to Brown and Columbia bceause that score plus your activities can get you in.
So don't give up, raise that GPA, and hope for the best. Anything can happen.

Edgar Said:

Do I need a schegen visa?

We Answered:

You don't need that. The Schengen visa is only required for those who need a pre-clearance from an Embassy of a Schengen country before they can travel to Europe.
On your American passport you can stay in the Schengen territory for up to 90 days within six months. You just need sufficient money and a return flight/train ticket.… ..… ..
Your multiple-entry U.K. student visa lets you return to the U.K. without problems.

Leah Said:

I am a 19 year old student sick of college, how can I live and work in Paris for a year maybe as a waiter?

We Answered:

Personally I would look on the ESL job boards. Teach english as a second language. There are lots of schools around the world that want any native english speaker with a high school diploma.

if you are interested in ESL, take the Cambridge, or CELTA online ESL certificate which will help you get jobs. Just don't pay more than $300 for the certificate course (takes 6 to 8 weeks).

Not sure if there are any jobs in france, but there are lots of jobs around the world for ESL teachers with high school diplomas. One of the biggest problems with trying for any job in the EU is that you need a EU passport. Unless you have citizenship you are usually screwed. The ESL teaching route works great for ASIA, south america, and africa really well.

here is a position in spain, but you need at TEFL certificate (I mentioned it above)…

here is a position in moscow…

here is a position in thailand…


Melinda Said:

where do all the young people stay in ibiza? the hotels are too expensive and the hostels are too far. HELP!?

We Answered:

They usually book package deals which includes flights and accommodation and many of them book months in advance.

July and August is high season so it will be expensive.

Geraldine Said:

Tips for a European trip?

We Answered:

That's way too much for 14 days. It's tempting to want to try to see everything on a first trip, but the problem with that type of trip is that (1) repeated long train trips will really tire you out, and (2) you will discover that you want more than just 1 day in each place, which isn't enough to even scratch the surface of cities like Paris or Rome. It's much better to see just a few places and really experience them - than to just have your whole trip be a blur of trains and train stations and a few pictures of yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower or Colosseum.

Most of your proposed travel days are all-day trips or more than 1 day trips - Rome-Athens, Athens-Geneva/Genoa, or Geneva/Genoa-Tangier. (I'm not clear if you mean Geneva, Switzerland or Genoa, Italy.)

The problem with Athens on a short trip is that unless you fly, you need to either take a very slow and unpleasant ferry from Italy, or spend massive amounts of time on slow Eastern European trains. Athens really won't work with the other places you're seeing on that short a trip. Tangier presents the same problem to a lesser degree - you have to go all the way to Southern Spain and then take a ferry. Tangier is a dump anyway, and is not really representative of Morocco - Marrakesh and Fez have a lot more to offer.

I would recommend you take 21 days if you can, but if you can't get more than 14 days, you might want to do something like Paris - Munich - Geneva - Rome. That would give you 3 days in each place except 2 in Geneva. You will still probably find that is too little, but you won't be overwhelmed with too many train trips in a short time, and you'll still get to see about half of the places you were interested in.

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