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Examples Of Resumes For College Students

Eddie Said:

Is getting an award in world languages in high school good on college applications?

We Answered:

You can mention it on your application, but if space is limited, I hope you earn some more significant awards. Student of the Year in Spanish would be a good start.

Best wishes.

Carrie Said:

How To Write a College Admissions Resume ?

We Answered:

I used this resume writing service in my area, this is there website: you should try them, it only cost me $35.00 and I got a great job from this new resume, I never thought about the format that they use but the turn around time was less then 24 hrs. I would have to say it was the best service I have ever used and it was worth every dime. Also they let me pay through Pay Pal

Jason Said:

What are the different kinds of resumes and how to write each?

We Answered:

This is a complicated question without an easy answer. Most resume experts will say there are three formats - reverse chronological, functional and hybrid. Reverse chronological involves listing your most recent job first, and going backwards. All your duties, responsibilities and accomplishments are listed within each job.

Functional formats can be useful when you've had several jobs that are quite similar (as well as a few other reasons.) In this case you group duties, responsibilities and accomplishments under certain headings and just list your employer, title and dates under an Employment History section. For example, if sales, marketing and administration have been three key areas of all your jobs, you could have those three headings with corresponding information under each.

A hybrid format is a blend of the two, with both functional headings but also relevant information listed under each employer in your Work Experience section.

While those are the three commonly-used formats, I wouldn't recommend getting hung up on them. Instead, I think it's most important to look at all your qualifications and decide what will be the most appealing to the person you're going to give the resume to. In many cases, that's recent experience, but in some cases it could be school, languages, computer skills, or something else. Whatever will be most appealing should be at the top of your resume because if it's not, they may not read down far enough to find it.

With regards to short-term jobs, that depends on a lot too. If the experience is relevant and would be appealing to the recipient of your resume, you may want to include it. If you had several short-term jobs, you may want to carefully select which ones you include, and leave some off. If none of it is very relevant, you still may want to include some of it because otherwise it looks like you have never held a job.

Remember, a resume is a marketing document and you don't need to tell your whole life story. You choose what to include just as you would with any advertising. An application form, however, is a different story and you do need to include complete information on that.

Hope that helps!

Michael Howard
Author of "Alternative Resumes" and "Alternative Resumes for Teens"

Reginald Said:

What jobs should I not list on my resume?

We Answered:

i would suggest listing those jobs because
1.yes, it shows you can keep a job shows that you have been an employee at places since you were young(at many different places)
3.youre being honest this way

Marcia Said:

Resume for law school admission help?

We Answered:

As far as a starting place goes, you can download resume templates from several sites on the internet; just google "resume template." Once you have something on paper, go to your school's career services office. The people there should be able to give you specific pointers.

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