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Exchange Programs For College Students

Jo Said:

are there any programs to travel in while in college?

We Answered:

Semester at sea. Its still studying abroad in college, but you're on a boat and you go to many different countries and take classes on the boat. I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but its a little different than your typical study abroad program.

Randall Said:

Is there a program that sends college students to japan for free, or low cost like an exchange program?

We Answered:

usually the cost of foreign exchange if it is to the same college with an international campus the only cost you would have to pay are like the airfare to get there. Sorry i can't help more.

Michele Said:

How can do you find a foreign exchange program for college students that will actually pay money to host them?

We Answered:

Keep in mind that with most exchange programs, especially if they pay you, you are expected to do far more than let them live in your house. You are supposed to treat them as a member of your family, cook for them, show them around, introduce them to the culture, and take them where they want to go. A friend of mine did this last year and got an incredibly spoiled brat who demanded special treatment constantly, and I heard nothing but complaints the whole time that kid was in her house.

Jimmy Said:

Are there student exchange programs for community college?

We Answered:

No, community colleges just do not have the funding to support those kinds of programs. Some have language programs that go to Mexico and sometimes Central America, but that is coursework and is never for more than a few weeks at a language school. But you always have the option of going as an independent exchange student. That is for if you are attending a community college in the United States. Other countries do not have community colleges, that is an American thing. You can go to a University, or you can go to a language school.

Javier Said:

are there any exchange programs to japan for college students?

We Answered:

pl ask your univ or alumni to arrange. its quite rare. u can also write to JICA - they have such exchange programme

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