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Fast Money For College Students

Alicia Said:

Whats the best and easiest way to make money fast?

We Answered:

Your going to need to put together a business plan, get a financial consultant, set up a merchant account, determine your business's name, then your going to have to work 12-16 hours a day... or you could just steal it like the sub-prime loan market is doing that!

Stacy Said:

How much money does the average college student spend on fast food for a semester?

We Answered:

Sensible students - Zero
Stupid students - lots.

The food giants are not interested in your health, they are only interested in your money. The various preservatives and chemicals in junk food are designed to make you want to eat more, so that you buy more.

You can loose weight by eating a healthy diet. If you eat plenty of fruit, and fresh vegetables, then you will not want to eat other stuff, and will lose weight. And not only that, but you will be far healthier too.
If you avoid processed foods entirely, then you will lose weight.
If you avoid meat, and eat a vegetarian diet, your body will adjust to its natural weight, and you will experience vibrant health.

Junk food hoax

Benjamin Said:

What is a good way for a broke college student to make money without actually dong alot of work?

We Answered:

Sell plasma... its easy and can earn you some pretty decent cash........

Lynn Said:

How do I make more money fast?

We Answered:

>>>>>>> ?
You may choose products first. Then sell them on B2C/B2B/C2C sites like: http://ww w.ebay,com, http://amazon,com and . If i were u, i would try all 3 to increase my traffic to the max and make your product more well-known. You may search more such sites to promote your products. Money will find you. Good luck!

Doris Said:

I am a college student and i need a fast way to make money!!?

We Answered:

I don't know about making money, but if you RENT your text books instead of buying them you could save hundreds of dollars. Try CHEGG.COM and use code CC112012 to save an extra 5%, you can also sell your used text books and use the code (CC112012) to get an extra $5 back. Hope this helps, if not now, in the future:)

Enrique Said:

fast money?

We Answered:

fast money would usually result to unusual sources like provacative,exotic dancing
medical research
fertilaty donations
taking surveys

just go work for money in a career field taht you major in

ex- Businees= Oiffice Asst
ex- Criminal justice= security

theres also Real Estate agent and loan officer for part time work

Morris Said:

I am a college student in need of money what is a legal idea to make money fast with my own work schedule?

We Answered:

do magic tricks for money

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