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Federal Grants For College Students

Dianne Said:

Should the federal government have spent tax payer money to explore space?

We Answered:

We profit from space exploration. NASA is the only government department that does turn a profit. Communications companies pay big bucks back to NASA to launch their satellites into orbit and maintain their satellites. Without the satellites, "On-Star", GPS, Radio and Television would not be transmitted.

Welfare, section-8, food stamps, and SSI should be discontinued, they suck the life out of our country.

Katie Said:

Are there any special federal grants for students to purchase a computer?

We Answered:

First off the people that work in FA aren't even that knowledgable. I don't know how many times I asked them how to get extra money and they all say the same thing "Scholarships, loans" what they fail to realize is that most scholarships have deadlines and even if you tell them this, the FA people will spout the same thing over and over again. In the end you never get any information from them, they're idiots.

OT: I've never heard of any "free money" for computers. You can apply for a loan through the computer company but you need good credit and a job.

The only people that give you money for extra expenses are private loan companies. Otherwise you'll just have to use your grant money or your stafford loan money to pay for your computer. You can apply for a stafford loan at your school or you can go to and apply on there and have them send the information to your school. I'm sure there are other websites that offer the Stafford loan application as well.

Sergio Said:

Can A Prospective College Student Apply For A Federal Grant To Earn A Degree?

We Answered:

Your first step is filling out the FAFSA ( and making sure you are eligible for aid. Once that is done, you will probably receive information from the schools to which you apply regarding your eligibility.
Additionally, you can use engines like to search for private scholarships. It is recommended that you fill out the FAFSA even when applying for private scholarships because those with need-based applications will generally still want your FAFSA information.
Good luck!

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