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Federal Student College Loans

Kristin Said:

Where can a single mother of low-income find college funding other than federal student loans?

We Answered:

there are many grants for single mothers, as well as scholarships. Also, go to your local unemployment office and see what they offer. Often your state will pay for you to go to school. Search online for scholarships, etc. at:

Don't forget to fill outyour FAFSA. You can't get anything without it.

Cynthia Said:

can you start paying your federal student loans while in college?

We Answered:

Absolutely -- just pay off the unsubsidized loans before the subsidized loans. The government will pay the interest on the subsidized loans while you're in school and during your grace period.

Virgil Said:

I consolidated my federal student loans many years ago at 9 percent. If I take out a small college loan...?

We Answered:

Due to relatively recent legislation, you may not be eligible for student loan re-consolidation.
You can switch lenders and re-consolidate under certain circumstances:
* Your current lender doesn’t offer an income sensitive repayment plan
* One or more federal loans is not included in your current consolidation

Your best bet is to check with a financial adviser on this.

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