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Federal Student Loans For College

Wilma Said:

If I am not eligible for financial aid for college can I still be eligible for federal student loans?

We Answered:

Hi there,

Yes, you may be eligible for subsidized and unsubsidized federal student loans. Sallie Mae is a great resource for them. You may also be eligible for Grants. is a great starting place. You financial aid advisor can also be a resource for funding.


Jeremy Said:

Student Loans for College Expenses?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Jimmie Said:

Is it true that a kid who commits a crime will never be able to apply for a federal student loan for college?

We Answered:

You have been given misinformation.

Right now, the only question about "crimes" is worded something like this.
Have you ever been convicted of felony drug charges while you were in college receiving federal financial aid?

If the person has to answer YES to this question, doesn't nec make that perons not eligible, but may require them to do something else (like complete a drug rehab program) to become eligible again.

Juvenile records have NO bearing on fin aid at all.

Phyllis Said:

Is there a way for me to receive federal student loans to pay for all 4 years of college?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Ian Said:

College....Student Loans......Help!!!!!!!!!!!?

We Answered:

If your wife is getting enough in scholarships and grants to pay for school, then you can have her also take out a subsidized stafford loan. The amount you get depends on your qualifications as far as financial aid need and if you are graduate or undergraduate. You can also do the Stafford Loan, but I would check into seeing if the subsidized would be enough before you look into the UNsubsidized. Subsidized doesn't add in interest while you're in school and you don't have to start repaying until after you either graduate, drop below 6 hours, or drop out completely. Interest starts after you do one of the three. Unsubsidized adds on like 5.6% interest each month even while your in school, but you don't have to start repaying until you graduate, drop below part time, or drop out. But be careful in accepting the limit because for most schools the limit is for fall and spring. Like say you are eligible for 9,000. If you take all 9,000 in the fall, you're just SOL for spring, unless you can pay using only scholarships and grants.
Here is a couple links where you can get more information on it:…

I personally think the second one is more useful.

As far as private loans, I'm really not sure about all of the policies and eligibility on them. The second link I posted will give you more information on all different types of loans you can look into.

Good luck. Just be careful borrowing money. All the loans will add up and it will be a monthly bill you will have every month for a very ling time. Maybe only one of you should go to school right now and the other work. Or both of you only do part time and work part time or full time if you think you'll have time for it.

Hope I helped.

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