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Financial Aid For College Student

Enrique Said:

Financial aid for a college student living with parents?

We Answered:

I second what january said, definitely fill out the FAFSA. Also, apply for scholarships! Lots and lots of scholarships! has a lot of them, but there's also a lot of competition there, too. Do a search for things you are good at, followed by the word scholarship. Like if you always write really good essays, Google "writing scholarship." Or if you're great at math, "math scholarship." Search for everything you can think of, even crazy things! Searching costs nothing, and maybe you'll find some scholarship that no one has ever heard of.

Many, many scholarships get no applicants at all, which means if you're the only one that finds it, and you apply... you win!

There are some links in the sources to help you:

Elaine Said:

how many years can a student receive financial aid for college?

We Answered:

You may receive the Federal Pell Grant until you receive your first Bachelor's, after you receive your Bachelor's, you will no longer be eligible for the Pell. The you may receive the Pell for up 150% of your intended degree, or 18 semesters. Whichever comes first.

For example, if your Bachelor's requires 120 credit hours, the Pell will be pay for up to 180 credit hours.

Louis Said:

College Student - Financial Aid?

We Answered: - it has detailed info how to apply for financial aid and scholarships to get more cash.

Alexander Said:

I am 21 and a college student receiving financial aid. When I file my tax return, should I file as dependent?

We Answered: - it has detailed info how to apply for financial aid and scholarships to get more cash.

Vickie Said:

Where can a non-resident student get financial aid for college in California?

We Answered:

26 dollars a unit??? Wow that is cheep. He should just get a job, that is less than 100 a class!!!!

Dan Said:

college, financial aid, student loans, oh my...?

We Answered:

My first semester back to school, I was in about the same situation as you. I recieved a menial pell grant from fafsa, but they automatically put the rest of my tuition as a student loan since I checked off that I was interested on the app. However, I had no extra money for books. They don't check credit scores for a student loan, because i surely wouldn't have gotten one, LOL. I don't know how much they limit it to. That was for a community college,

Hector Said:

Financial aid for working college student?

We Answered:

I would start by contacting your schools financial aid office and asking if they have an institutional application, and asking for their school code. You will then need to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This can be done on-line at

Never ever pay anyone to file the FAFSA for you, or help you get more aid. These are all scams.

Once your FAFSA is submitted, the data will be sent to the school. After that, contact the school and ask to speak with a Financial Aid Counselor. They will go over your options.

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