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Financial Aid Grants

Joanne Said:

Do you have to pay back or pay taxes on financial aid grants?

We Answered:

When it comes to scholarship or financial aid questions, I point my friends to go to the site and take a look around.Its great starting point with a few great sources of info.

Connie Said:

is there any financial aid grants or scholarships that are given out besides fafsa?

We Answered: - it has detailed info how to apply for financial aid and scholarships to get more cash.

Maureen Said:

Do i have to do a Master Promisery Note every semester for financial aid/ grants?

We Answered:

No you use the same one all the years. (As a side note I find your profile picture offensive).

Mary Said:

Are financial aid GRANTS considered income?

We Answered:

Scholarships and grants in excess of tuition and qualifying fees are considered income. You would report them on the wages line of the 1040. Write scholarship and the amount on the dotted line.

Danny Said:

Students who mis-use financial aid grants ruin it for the rest of students, agree or disagree?

We Answered:

I'm not sure about exact dates but last semester I went back to school because I was a single mom and would get free grant money to cover all my school expenses. One of those expenses (the second biggest next to tuition) was daycare. However, due to rampant fraud, I was not allowed to access that money for day care expenses until the END of the semester. Obviously, if you are a single mom with a full grant you probably can not afford daycare out of pocket and wait to be reimbursed. If there is rampant fraud, they need to prosecute those involved. Not make the rest of us suffer. Oh, and to the college's benefit, I could use the grant money at their bookstore at any time. (Just couldn't withdraw the money to be used for daycare). This meant instead of making my grant money last longer by buying books off ebay for $30, I had to use the grant money in their bookstore for the $110 book. So I don't think they do it to prevent fraud, I think they do it for the book sales which is a multibillion dollar scam. I don't know of any (intelligent) student that buys books from the college bookstore unless they are forced to.

Mathew Said:

What is the best online personal trainer certification courses that provide money grants/ financial aid?

We Answered:

Each school has its own rules about it. You can compare their rules and students feedback here -

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