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Financial Aid Scholarship

Florence Said:

Can I get a full financial aid scholarship from Embry Riddle to become a commercial airline pilot?

We Answered:

The one to ask is at Embry-Riddle. Fill out the FAFSA because they will need this info, then talk to the financial aid officer at Embry-Riddle. Nothing anyone says on here will matter.

Lloyd Said:

Where can I find non financial aid scholarship?

We Answered:

I don't know if any of this information can help you, but I sent it to a couple of other students and take what you want from it or leave the rest, it, I helped some other students out with this information, so I'm sending it to you in case parts of it might help you in your college education.......(warning it's VERY long)..
First if money is a BIG issue you can always start your first 2 years at a community college to save money. Now if you're sure college is your thing, the community college (unless your area's is just terrible) should help you narrow down what major you want to be. College a year there will only cost you a few thousand dollars vs. tens of thousands a year at a public or private college. Now once you transfer the last two years or if you decide to do all four years at a regular college, you will be offered loans, just talk to the financial aid people at the school you're interested and they'll walk you through the loans. You'll probably also be offered grants (free money you don't have to pay back!) towards the price of tuition unless your parents are wealthier. Besides grants, there are sometimes free scholarships you can get. If you apply you might get some, there are tons out there, some from the colleges themselves that they'll tell you about,and some from other organizations all around the world; some for crazy things, like if you're polish even! But there are just tons of them you can apply for. But even if you don't want to do that, the college will give you free money, or college scholarships usually first with the grants, and then they'll let you work there and give you money for that, called "work study." Then you'll also be offered the stafford loans which equals about $6500 a year to cover the rest of the money you need toward tuition, room and board. After that you'll probably STILL need to borrow more, unless your parents are paying the rest for you. But the way you borrow the rest has to first be with you parents signing a loan for you called a PLUS/parent loan. They will be responsible legally for paying this back, not you. But they might say no way unless you agree to pay them back for it later. But again they are the ones legally responsible for that money. So let's say the school costs 20,000 and the pell grant/college scholarships you get is 4,000 and then you need 16,000. So then the school might give you 2,000 to work 10 hours a week in the library,etc. So now it's down to 14,000 a year. Well then you borrow the 6,500 in stafford loans so you need about 7,500 more a year that your parents borrow under the PLUS loans plus some more for your spending money. Well that's kind of how it's done. The rule of thumb is that you have to pay 100 a month for every 10,000 bucks you borrow so be careful since if you borrow 50,000 your monthly payment is like 500 dollars a month , every month for 10 years after you graduate. Figure what your salary will be and if you can afford that plus a car, an apartment, food, insurance, spending, etc. Most college kids don't graduate with that much, more like 20 or 30,000 but my husband went to medical school and had 100,000! So you have to figure if your salary you get later can support a loan for that much. Hopefully your parents or grandparents are paying some of it and then hopefully you'll get free money from the school like these grants, but the rest you have to pay back. If your parents are considered "rich" by government standards you won't qualify for any of the free money, or grants, but you'll still be able to get stafford loans of about 6 or 7,000 a year. And they'll still be able to get the Plus /parent loans unless they have had a bankruptcy or absolutely horrible credit. If that's the case, and they're denied the PLUS loan, then the goverment lets you borrow another 4,000 added to the 6500 under just your name so you still might be able to go if your college is a cheaper one, under 10 grand. Don't forget to figure in your spending money or transportation costs too though, the school won't usually remind you of that, and that's another 300 a month about at a minimum you'll need to borrow or you can always work a part-time job to cover that too. So basically you need to talk to the financial aid officer of a college and they'll tell you all this too and give you an "award" letter when you apply to tell you what deal they can give you. You can apply for different colleges to compare this "award" letter and pick based on that. You'll definitely need the cooperation of your parents though since they have to fill out a FAFSA for you before the schools can figure this. It's just a form that has all of their financial numbers on it. But again, don't get discouraged since there are tons of loans available to you at only 6.8%, fairly low rates! Good luck!Sierra

Brenda Said:

I am overwhelmed with financial aid and scholarship information!?

We Answered:

Read this book cover to cover and it will answer most of your questions. If your son is a senior in high school he needs to do his fafsa asap at http://fafsa.ed.go If you are very low income then he can get up to 5,550 a year in a federal Pell grant (half in the fall and half in the spring) to help him pay for school. This means if he chooses a college that is less than this per semester than he can go for free. If he chooses a school that is more than this, he will have to borrow to make up the difference. Dependent freshman can borrow up to 5,500 a year in federal subsidized loans.…

Alfred Said:

Is there any full scholarship/financial aid for a high school student from Malaysia to study abroad?

We Answered:

Do you mean scholarship for universities? You can apply JPA's scholarship. You need to have straight A's results in SPM. However, it is a contracted scholarship. You need to go to the places that they've pick for you and then after you finished you course, you need to come back to Malaysia to work for the government for a certain period of time. It will sponsor all your fees fully, so you wouldn't need to pay for anything. You can apply online.

That's the only full scholarship I know that is provided by the government. You can check the school that you have decided to go, see if they provide any scholarship or financial aid. Sometimes, the government of the country that you want to go study abroad also provide scholarship for foreign students. It's better if you check the official website of those universities. If you can read Chinese, the following link may help you to find a suitable scholarship:

If you can't read Chinese, the following link maybe useful for you:…

Isaac Said:

Does Stanford have a good financial aid/scholarship policy?

We Answered:

Stanford's huge endowment allows them to be generous with their financial aid packages. You can find more info about their financial aid here:…

It's an awesome school, and the cost shouldn't deter you from applying. If you get in they will most likely work with you and your family to be make it affordable.

Here is the link to Cal Tech's financial aid site:

Best of luck to you! : )

~ Pax

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Jason Kulpa said:

Well, I am definitely in need of some Financial Aid Scholarship. I cannot afford to leverage my life by taking a student loan. That's a burden because you actually have to repay that afterward, and it could truly turn out being ridiculous.