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Financial Assistance For College Students

Carmen Said:

How do I, a college student, get financial assistance for the care of a service dog?

We Answered:

I've never head of a way to get financial assistance to care for a service dog.

It is your choice to use a service dog instead of using other assistive devices. Also, there is more to it than just food, general care, and veterinary bills.

It takes 18-24 months to train a service dog. That means that if you start with a puppy, you have to pay for training devices such as puppy pads for household accidents, a crate, toys, frequent vaccinations, training classes for socialization, basic obedience, and advanced obedience. Even if you think you can train the dog all on your own, you still need to attend some classes with it so that you can practice what you have taught your dog around lots of distractions...distractions that are plentiful in such classes. You also need to buy gear such as vests/capes/harnesses, leashes, collars, bags for picking up poop, etc.

A service dog is expensive and it is assumed that if you choose to use one, you are also choosing to pay the costs that go along with using one.

Derek Said:

What financial assistance options are there for a college student?

We Answered:

just do your fafsa and apply to a bunch of scholarships
good luck

Gilbert Said:

Are there any financial assistance programs for low income college students?

We Answered: and

Miriam Said:

Does any one know where you can truly get financial assistance for struggling college students no loans please

We Answered:

Maybe you could try, GETTING A JOB!

Alan Said:

Is there usually financial assistance for college students who can't afford to go to the dentist?

We Answered:

Find a school of dentistry near you. They are very cheap compared to the regular dentist

Glenn Said:

What kind of college financial assistance is offered for students who wish to enter the navy as an officer?

We Answered:

They can pay for you to complete your degree in some cases.

Look at the BDCP on this page:…

Kind of wish I knew about that when I was a kid. But Army was my heritage, so off to the Army I went. Can't say as I regret it, it's family tradition.

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