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Financial Help For College Students

Jeffery Said:

Is there financial help for college students?

We Answered:

If you've received a Pell Grant, you also qualify for Federal Stafford Loans. Your school should have given you this option. Contact your financial aid adviser. And complete the state and school financial aid applications before March of 2010 to possibly receive more aid for the 2010-11 school year.

Yeah, the Obama sending moms to school is a scam. It's the federal financial aid program that's been in place for years and years.

Ashley Said:

In the state of ohio is financial aid a first come first serve basis for college students ?

We Answered:

The FAFSA money is given out first come, first serve.

Nora Said:

Why does the Govt. spend billions of tax payer dollars to pay financial aid to low-income college students? ?

We Answered:

You can ask the same question about why the government gives billions in farm aid to help low income farmers.

The government has many programs for low income people of all sorts.

The government giving some poor farmer money so he can keep his 100 aces doesn't exactly help me.

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