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Franklin Said:

Graduated college but cannot find work, found internship but wants college students, can i lie?

We Answered:

Wont work. The employer will be expecting paperwork from your school. Given they likely have been providing internships in the past, they will know what the forms look like and perhaps even contacts with the internship office at the campus you state you are from.

So assuming even if you got accepted somehow on the belief of a lie, you would get discharged when caught. And then you just lost a potential letter of rec. Not to mention, they could even blacklist you by telling their associates of related firms about the lies you made so that could haunt you for a long, long time..

Kay Said:

how do i find an overseas internship without being a college student?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Wayne Said:

where should I look to find music industry internships for high school students?

We Answered:

Hey Kelly,

It can be very difficult getting an internship before college in any field let alone in the music business. And yes, as the last person who answered this questions stated the majority of record labels, music managers, booking agents, music publisher and other types of music business are centered in New York, LA and Nashville although there are an increasing number of music / tech companies setting up show in Seattle and San Francisco.

That said almost no matter where you are there will be places that live music is played and people who promote those shows, radio stations that are still playing music and bands who just want to get their music heard so you do have some options. I would see if you can go down to the local club and ask someone if it would be possible for an informational interview with the person who books the club or promotes the club. Or see if you can get in to meet a DJ or Music Director at the local radio station.

Those might be hard to get but then again you are offering your services for free. Of course you can approach bands both at all ages shows in you home town and online. If there is a band from your hometown that you like offer to be their intern. Being a roadie usually means you are carrying gear and tuning guitars and watching the band's van so stuff doesn't get stolen so I'm not sure there is too much you would learn from that especially if you are not allowed to go on the road with a traveling band. As an intern ask for free admission to their shows in exchange for running around with the mailing list and collecting email addresses and applying any other skills on and offline that you may have that would help get the band exposed to more potential fans.

Good luck to you,


Anita Said:

wats a website to find internships for college students?

We Answered:

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